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Selschaeus Containment

Selschaeus Containment, otherwise known as Sel Casks. is a critical technology of the Sorrows which is used to (somewhat) safely contain raw Selchaeus and, more importantly, refined Glisterwax.

These containers are enchanted crystal matrices reinforced by carbon fiber with a Carbitanium Alloy shell.

My Sel Casks could take a high-caliber round, dead center. More, if you like, and if you don't mind finding their limit firsthand and having a broken container full of Glisterwax to contend with. If you are that stupid, then by all means.


Sel Casks are made in The Garden of Earthly Delights in Kvarlo's laboratory. Over the years he has made increasingly elaborate mechanisms and enchantments to create the Casks, and to make them more effective. All that is known by his staff is that the process makes use of the Glisterwax which it is designed to contain, and that living sacrifices are required to complete the required rituals.

It's Witchcraft—spooky stuff even for the Sorrows, and nothing I'd expect logical-minded folk to be able to make any sense of.

— Kvarlo

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Kvarlo the Weird

Intellectual Property

Kvarlo alone knows how to make the enchantment.

Gabriel told me to join him I needed to tell him how to make the Sel Casks. So I said to him that if he wants me to join I'm not telling a soul. So nhe tries to scare me and ask me what I was killed? And I told him, 'well you'll definitely kill me if I tell you, so if you don't kill me and don't ask any questions, you get all the casks you want.

— Kvarlo the Weird

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