The Protoverin is a race of semiaquatic mammals. This race serves as the evolutionary ancestor of the Verin.   While they have as a species gone extinct, they have since been reintroduced through Orga Technology into the ecosystems. They make a popular ecosystem tool, capable of bringing a stable ecosystem to many marine environments.


The Protoverin is a large thick-furred mammal, ranging six feet to ten feet in length, with opposable thumbs and the intelligence to use basic tools. Long arms and short rudder-like legs help propel it through water at tremendous speeds.   It's teeth are elongated and sharp, suitable for puncturing the shells of the many Crustaceans that are common on Jhoutai.   A pair of horns sprout from the males and females, the slender and sharp growths were often used to spear their prey.  


During the modernization and colonization of the Jhoutai homeland, overfishing and industralization of the ocean caused the Protoverin to go extinct. The resulting ecological failure crashed Jhoutai's fishing industry. It was not until the last millennia that a new ecosystem had grown to replace it.  


With the advent of Orga Technology and Genestruction, the Verin recreated and reintroduced the Protoverin to Jhoutai's marine ecosystem along with several other extinct marine life. The stimulation of the ecosystem lead to Jhoutai's oceans become more verdant and stable.


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