Introduction to the Narrative Universe

How to begin reading Ethnis

Though the Tales of Ethnis are all currently told purely within text, there are many ways within text itself to tell a tale, and Ethnis is applicable to quite a few of them!


Flash Fiction

50-1000 Words

The articles of this Codex are littered with flash fiction (flashfic, for short) to contextualize their content and make them more interesting.   If you like reading flash fiction content we suggest exploring the Codex itself.   Flashfics within the Codex are broken up into Bokeh, Serials and Glimpses.
Bokeh, named for the photographic effect, are interspersed among Codex entries.   Serials are article series of on a single topic with a bokeh narrative weaving them together.   Glimpses are purely prose mini stories, often told in slice-of-life fashion to illustrate one feature.

Short Stories


3,500-7,500 Words

Tales are longer Glimpses with a longer and more complex narrative. There are no Tales in progress at this time.   The Tales of Ethnis serve as minuscule peeks into the broader Universe of Ethnis. They are not limited to the plights of the brave adventurers, nor are they exclusive to the wealthy and affluent. The Tales can be woven from any yarn, cast from any mold or metal. They are the stories of those who make an impact, whether it be in an the blink of an eye, or over the life of a career. These tales are intended to shine light behind the curtain and explore what makes Ethnis unique: its stories.  


7,500-17,000 Words

Short stories with multiple chapters and most likely multiple issues to resolve or plot twists.   These will most often be paired with a release of some other module within the RPG universe, as a narrative supplement to give ideas on the ramifications and possible play that can happen as a result of that module.

In Progress

  • Proudly Sung—Rise of an Icon (Drafting)
  • The Hive (Editing)


  • The Beast King
  • Audiograve—The Swan Song

Longform Stories


50,000+ Words

Feature-length novels. These will most likely be standalone and sold through other vendors with some accompanying information on the Codex.
  • Mnemo Ex Machina
  • Beast, Maiden, and King Trilogy
  • Singer's War Cycle


Campaigns are play-by-post stories compiled by a Narrator and a party of Players. They are usually extremely long—the length of a novel series. While they are full of intrigue and good story, they can be diffcult to read for an outsider because they are also primarily roleplay logs, meaning that the voice of the writer changes frequently and you may have missed something that happened out of character.   We are still figuring out the best way to rewrite/edit them into digestible media. Some will be converted to campaign modules, some to novelizations, and some to both.   There are four campaigns in progress or awaiting adaptation into reading format.   Inspiration for this

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