The Wrath of Taboo

The Wrath of Taboo is a prophetic myth concerning the reformation of the slain spirit of Taboo. It is said that if her remaining body parts are recombined, she will return from the dead and enact her hateful wrath on Desire.
Our Goddess is Ferality Incarnate and she is undying. Someday she will reform, and she will devourer the great devourer, and the torment of Desire shall be exquisite.
— Member of the Calling

Torn Asunder

Desire and her cadre tore into the great beast, carving meat from bone and bone from frame until there no discernible shape left to Taboo. They ate what they could, but many died in the attempt. That which could not be burned was buried, and that which would not allow itself to remain buried was scattered to the stars.   Nobody knows how her body still functions, but Taboo refuses to die. And in her eye burns a loathing unlike any I've ever seen.

Piece by Piece

There are those who search the stars for the remains of Taboo. They find kinship in those seeking the Daughters of Anthem, for together, both want to bring back a Goddess denied by Desire. Even among the Sorrows they find allies, and for much the same reason.  

The Calling

The Calling is the extremist druidic order of Therianthropes who worshipped Taboo when she lived and who are now trying to bring her back from the dead to avenge herself and spread the Nege forest across all the known worlds.   Members of the calling are known to be extremely zealous in their approach to conflict, and have turned populations of people into animals and monstrous facsimiles thereof to take control of a region in search of the body parts of their destroyed god.   Desire. Anthem. Taboo.   The missing mothers of the era.   The great heralds of tomorrow.
Dirge. Anthem. Taboo.   The missing mothers of the era.   The great heralds of tomorrow.

Known Parts

And their whereabouts   Eye of Taboo
Aboard Facility 3.   Spine of Taboo.
Thought to be in possession of Desire   Heart of Taboo.
Some members of the Church of The Somnolent living on Earth near to the Scandanavian region claim to be haunted by the bone-shaking thuds of her heart beating in their dreams.   Spleen of Taboo
Entirely unknown, thought to already be in posession of The Calling.   There are said to be anywhere between 5 and 7.

The Prophecy of Her Return

Do not mistake, Taboo is a beast, and she knows only of one kind of vengeance, devouring. Fitting that Desire, an acolyte of the Demon Cannibal, would die between the jaw of the angry god she tried to slay.


Author's Notes


Summer Camp Prompt 12

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