Letomont Mara Tyrau

A Sauthei hunter of legend; silent stalker, bow of thunder.

There is always a frontier to explore in Ethnis. Lands untouched by Sophont for thousands of years. I want to change that; not by building, but by becoming the Apex predator.
— Letomont Mara

Protector of Sophont...

Mara Tyrau serves the Verin Haimarchy as a colonization scout. She drops in, often times alone or with a fellow scout to secure and report findings on uncharted worlds. Her unsung hunts and treks have established dozens of Haimarchy Colonies.  

...Slayer of Beasts

Her scouting of unknown worlds compliments her passion as a Letomont of the Circle of Ozahn. Wherever the Haimarchy sends her, she tracks and takes down the vicious. She prides herself on climbing her way to the top of any ecology. Mara collects a trophy from each world she is assigned, returning them to her family Lodge. There, she reminisces on how she has survived so many hunts.
Respect, patience, and humility. These three values my family has held; that the Circle has held; that I have held. Losing any of them leads to death. A shot too quick, a quarry underestimated, not backing down when outplayed, it all comes down to Respect, patience, and humility.
— Letomont Mara

The Steady Gaze of a Hunter

Mara Tyrau is a Sauthei. She stands taller and thinner than most of her family but shares the same auburn hair and bronze skin. Her horns are kept unbranched, circling over her head and behind her ears. Her eyes are as vibrant as the brightest summer leaves and her stare more unwavering than the oldest mountains.

To build a predator

Hunting is in the Blood

The lineage of Mara is a lineage of the Hunt. Every son and daughter took up a bow, rifle, or kinetic sling in the name of the Tyrau family. Most grew into powerful Letomonts, sharing the family Lodge to boast their collective prowess. The Tyrau Lodge, one of the oldest still used by the Circle, resides on one of the first settled Haimarchy planets. Within its stone and log halls are trophies that can be dated back thousands of years.   Mara knew what she was destined to do the moment she was able to handle her bow. Hunting was in her blood. Her Grandfather Azunem, a Letomont for over a century, guided her through her training. He could see her passion for the hunt, and he stoked those flames until she was old enough to fight for her own acceptance into the Circle.  

Joining the Circle

I remember when I saw the glint of a white arrow in a sea of black fur.

The light of the two suns caught the monster's side just right. The Schaeus shaft glinted like a piece of silver in oil. It was my time.
— Letomont Mara Tyrau

A Call to Adventure

Mara first years as an independent hunter were spent on the family grounds, hunting the local fauna. It was boring, the same quarries with the same tricks. No Letomont would see her worth here; she needed new challenge, and she knew that she would find it among the stars. With her Grandfather's blessing and her bow in hand, Mara left her home and joined the Haimarchy colonization efforts as a advance scout.  

Family Outing

A talented hunter such as Mara made quick progress as a wilderness scout. Dropping on planets with nothing more than her bow and basic survival gear; she would fend of predators of all kinds. She took trophies from the most elusive prey, shipping them to her families Lodge to be displayed proudly. A dozen planets heeled under her prowess. Colonists owed their lives to her ability to learn and tame the wilds of new worlds.   It was on her thirteenth mission that the Call of the Circle found her. A planet of lush mushroom forests packed with new game and new danger. She was ordered to land after two Haimarchy Habitats had gone dark. Something or someone was sabotaging the colonization effort; it was her job to track the culprit and take it down. Her journey had only started a week ago when a Letomont's arrow found one of her quarries.
I don't cry often, but when I saw "Azunem" on the arrow it was... Emotional. I've hunted so many times with my Grandfather, but to have him bring me into the Circle. I've never felt more proud of my family.
— Letomont Mara

Family Ties

Mara diverted from her scouting duty to track down and trap her Grandfather. The game of hunter versus hunter was on, and while Azunem was many centuries old, he was still spry, cunning, and experienced. Trying to lure him was a weeks affair. Azunem observed Mara almost every hour of the day, avoiding capture with every trick in the book. Mara began to learn her Grandfathers tricks, he had trained her after all. In a brazen act, Mara riled the local grazing animals into a stampede, funneling Azunem right into a covered pit she dug several days previously.   She had succeeded in trapping her Letomont, now she could join her Grandfather in a Fanged Hunt to earn her own title of Letomont Mara.  

The Wrath of Ozahn


Fanged Hunt

  Mara's fanged hunt began the day after she caught her Grandfather. The target was a fierce beast the same assigned to her by the Haimarchy, a Sazakraht that had been thwarting the local colonization attempts. The tracking was difficult, Sazakraht were notoriously dangerous and cunning. Letomonts rarely hunted them alone, but Mara with her Grandfather by her side was more than confident. Arrogance tainted her mind, and when they found the beast, they were not prepared. The pair tracked the Sazakraht to a Habitat.   They found the beast feasting on the corpses of the slain colonists, whiskers still crimson with viscera. It was not a normal quarry, standing twice the height of a normal Sazakraht. It was when they approached to take their shots that they were taken by surprise, their quarry taunted them with their own language. An uplifted and genetically engineered Sazakraht.  
I remember exactly what it said. The voice was like hearing gravel compress and bones snap.

"Challenge, finally."

That's what it said. Then it was upon us with fangs as long as our arrows and a jaw large enough to shear our heads from our shoulders.
— Letomont Mara

Hunter's Rest

The hunters became the hunted. Arrows sprang from string, eager to taste flesh. Azunem's bow, known as the "Wrath of Ozahn", spat lightning from its Schaeus limbs. It was a tumultuous week of retreating, surviving, and clawing to strike back. Both sides came out of each skirmish cradling fresh wounds. No one was afforded sleep, and both parties had to draw from adrenaline until the very last struggle.   The last struggle for dominance came at a great cost. An ambush by the Sazakraht that found Mara's grandfather grievously wounded and the Sazakraht dead. Mara's arrow pierced its neck and lightning from her grandfathers bow ruptured its skull from snout to neck. Azunem passed from his wounds an hour after the struggle. With his last breath: he granted her the title of Letomont, left her his bow, and confided in her his pride and love. To this day, she still wields the Wrath of Ozahn in the name of her family.
I still sport scars from that accursed monster. A slash across my belly nearly disemboweled me.

It was only my Grandfather's quick hand that pulled me that extra inch away. I was arrogant, then I was terrified. I promised my grandpa that I'd never let that happen again. He left me to save me.
— Letomont Mara

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I asked and I received. Lovely story, Barron. The Ledemont Mara is a fierce and admirable character. I hope we may encounter her again in an Ethnis book or campaign. I look forward to the next article!

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I really like the overall story and you leave very very little in need of expansion. I noticed very few typos but I don't really look for them so I can't help you there. A major question I have how did riling the grazing animals into a stampede catch her grandfather off guard. What is it about this act that he wasn't expecting and how is it brazen. Other than this something else I noticed is that a lot of things are mentioned and linked and I like that. I do however feel that at least a little bit of World Knowledge is required to fully appreciate or at least understand the article without having any inferences about what certain words mean. Well it's no problem to venture into other articles to learn about these things and that's really what the links are for, something that might assist in that is adding a tiny little teaser behind the first mention of the word to explain in the smallest amount of words what the thing is. You mention the haimarchy and schaeus but leave little info on what it means and how it is relevant to the character. means is this bad I really like the article and I'm the last person that has a right to harp on it. I do it just as often. It doesn't need to be revised or anything it's very complete but maybe a couple of sentences would not only clear up any confusion but also act as a teaser to entice individuals to click on the link. That's just me though I wanna click anyway and probably will soon lol

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An interesting and very well-thought-out character. Her family and background all seem centralised on hunting for glory / trophies. How did such a tradition get started, I wonder? I read that the Sauthei are a nomadic and semi-isolate people. But that seems a little dissonant from the planet-hopping stuff you go on to talk about afterwards. How old is she by the way? What sort of time-scales are we looking at here? And if they're an RPG character, do you have a statblock in mind for them?   Now, this is more of a general comment on the formatting of the whole world, but I'm personally finding the font and colour choices a little difficult to read, especially on the starry semi-transparent background. Also with so many side-bars / column quotes, the article is a bit visually noisy... it's hard to focus on reading one part at a time, like I'm not sure where to read next, or I keep feeling like I missed a bit and have to double check.

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The Tradition I actually went on to explain further into this articles predecessor which was the Circle of Ozahn (A very ancient and traditional circle of hunters). It might help to have that context before reading about Mara as we have a policy in Ethnis not to explain other articles within a different article for many reasons. Well the Sauthai are indeed a less social people than many others. But Ethnis takes place in a universe very well connected. Going from planet to planet is the same as a roadtrip to a different country or state. As for her age, I imagine somewhere in her 30's to 40's in regard to this specific part of her life. Since this is pretty far future, the average lifespans for races can range into the multi-hundreds, even more for Verin such as Mara. I do not have a statblock in the works for this character, it would take a lot of work especially in the sense of Ethnis' custom game rules.   I apologize that you did not like the article. I'll strive to do better.


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Interesting way to do a character, very focused on one part of her. Nice to see a strong woman not focused around men. I haven't read much of ethnis yet though, so there we a few places where i noticed links were missing the little explaining excerpt, and other places a link (again with an excerpt) would've been nice, specifically i still don't really get what a letomont is, or why it is so important to her. I would also imagine her more easily if there was a small section about her age, appearance and general personality work. Hope you could use some of this and good work :)

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