Kunajh Tjerto

The Glorious Leader of Thal'aserh Kunajh Usokhai Tor Tjerto Tel Thal'aserh

Kunajh Tjerto is the ruler of the planet Thal'aserh. He has been the planets only ruler, and despite his antics which many have found to be eccentric at best and maniacal and worst, he still maintains the love of his people and the success of his ValuSelu Pact colony.
I came into power with my glorious people not even knowing my name! Now they praise every meal to me, their glorious leader for the last three decades!   And yes, I hear those naysayers, "But Kunajh, you signed a law to enforce those praises." I say Slander! It is but a cultural suggestion that my government embraces and passes on to my loving citizens!

A Planet in Need

Kunajh came to lead Thal'aserh from the very beginning of its founding. He was the captain of the first ship that entered the system. He found the ripe pickling of Thal'aserh already suitable for habitation. He landed his ship within the week and declared his settlement to the ValuSelu Pact.   His crews efforts on setting up the first settlable location led the Moot of Colonization to give the planet to the Khirmagne and at Kunajh's insistence, he was declared the ruler of the planet.   Now his work as the glorious leader began.

A Personal Playground

As the planet grew it's population and economy, Kunajh established more and more outlandish policies and decisions that often confused the outside eye. His first manuever was to make his personal council a well-mannered Sighre named Ze'ultimi.   The Sighre was both muscle and encouragement for the leader, and their camaraderie has been blamed for the string of policies that followed. Some of the policies were aimed at gaining him an image as a charitable leader for his people.   Propaganda of his charity outweighed the amount of charity he actually gave away. Lavish festivals dedicated to him were held regularly. All of it was funded by the tourism industry he established on his tropical paradise of a planet.

A Military Power

While there have been occasional bouts of people calling Kunajh out on his loose-cannon policies and self-centered behavior, the establishment of a powerful military under his control has managed to persuade any naysayers to avoid confrontations beyond the occasional protest.   This military also provided him use to the Valu-Selu Pact, who could use the standing military to support their own efforts in the region.  


The planets primary industry is tourism. Shuttles of visitors pile in by the day, engaging in Valuselu Pact themed events on one of the most picturesque planets in Pact space. Akjhe festivals are held regularly, staffed and hosted by the local populace.
You may hear of dissedents in the street, saying that your loving leader is nothing but a tyrant using you for his own pleasure.   Why would I empower my most loyal citizens with military training if I did not care for their well-being?   I care for those that care for me. Simple as that.
— Kunajh Tjerto

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