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Flood of Bones

A Flood of Weaponized Bones

Written by Ademal

A Flood of Bones is a common and classic Meta-Weapon which predates the Expansion Era. It is the result of the joint efforts of Hierus Nomen and Brood Blood-Kin.   Brood designed the primary template by adapting the Flood from existing Kyzanic arts, devising a Metavirus which caused the Kyzanic status to move from host to host, but the original Imbuistry was too weak to take hold.   Brood turned to Hierus, who was having an affair with her at the time, and tricked him into optimizing her Imbuistry. He managed to develop a formula for the Flood which caused it to work with swarming behaviors, where several working in tandem could bring another skeleton into the fold rather than each surviving as a standalone. The resultant creature was far more destructive and horrifying than Brood could have ever hoped for...  

The palisade did not staunch the approaching Flood in the least. Unseen hands reduced the wood to pulp and splinters, filling the air with the scent of pine and taking me back to my childhood back in the mountain valley.


I had to stay present, to keep my mind clear as I turned and ran in terror. I could not afford to get lost in the past, to allow memories to bind my feet.

I ran, and it followed. The Flood lurched and roiled, launching half-formed monstrosities of reeking bone around me. Cartilage, dried blood, and sun-leathered scraps of flesh clung to the bones; the damn thing must have been lurking out here for weeks. That explained why we had been utterly unable to find anything to hunt.

To my right I saw Vattik get sprayed with an assortment of bones. They clung near to him, gravitating by unseen force, and as I passed him I saw lacerations opening in his face. I looked away just as his screams turned hoarse and the air filled with a wet, slurping, peeling sound.


I didn't look back until I was at the far gate, and by then all that remained was a boneless pile of meat on the ground...

— A survivor's account

Tech Info

For more info, read: Technology in Ethnis  
Undead, Golem (Kyzanry)
Meta Property
Low odds of a Vectored Regional Terminal event should the Flood spread unchecked.
Tech Clade
  • Rakua Ziso (In Saza)
The minimum mass required to start a flood is roughly equivalent to the skeletonized caracasses of 10 Sophont.
Related Technologies
  • Limbsflood


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Feb 20, 2019 09:47

It sounds super badass, but it's not entirely clear in the overview what it actually *is*; it's only because it says "undead golem" in the side panel that I know that okay, it's a pile of bones (well, flood). I like it, but is it still relevant in a world with plasma cannons?   All in all, super ace :D

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