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Abominations are the monstrous remnants of Sophont who have suffered an existentially terminal case of Soul Sickness. The resultant excess of Selschaeus (Dark Unity) has mutated their bodies into warped chimera with a singular violent intent.  
The silhouette wasn't particularly far away, but it was dark. Ulysses took aim for the glints of its eyes, and fired again. It gave a bone-chilling screech as it was hit, a shriek which blended into the roll of thunder which followed. The lightning flashed behind the creature, allowing Ulysses to appreciate just how monstrous and grotesque it was. Limbs were out of place, and light pored through holes in its corpulence. It moved too quickly for its shape on limbs that were like long trunks of a tree. Another flicker, and it seemed like the top of the pillar was alive. There were dozens. And suddenly the abominations were on them in swarms. They had been lurking atop the pillars and rocks, and now moved between them, limbs lurching, bodies twisting, motions serpentine as they kept pace with the heros.
— B1CH2.
He walked into a room and there it was, plain as day. Skin like drawn black leather, eyes milky, it's snout contorted into something resembling a smile as lips drew back over teeth like flat, white tombstones, like human teeth. Its lower half was like a pig and it's upper half was like a dog, but neither much resembled either when you took the other into account. The pig's body bristled with black fur, and splayed fingers tipped its long, spindly legs. Where a head would be a dog's torso curled upwards, like a bad retelling of a centaur, and it's arms were poised like a mantis' each tipped in talons.
— B1CH2
The lights slowly came to life as they ran, humming back to full brightness after decades of shadow. The team stood witness to horror after horror along the route. Whatever happened here hadn't been entirely instant--many rooms were locked off with monsters that were once people within, and the sudden power in the air was bringing them out of hibernation. They beat on the doors as the party passed, they scraped on the heavy glass with distorted, crumbling limbs. Most had lost the ability to vocalize, and so there was an eerie quality to them, a silence that made their gruesome appearances louder.
— B1C4
Nashu was the first to see it. His face soured to the sight of the creature: a humanoid shape with mottled grey flesh, void of arms and instead decorated with insectoid features. It was just like the monsters they had seen at Vien, complete with the same dark, mottled flesh and the feeling that this must once have been a person before... something... changed it into what monstrosity it had become.

He stabbed at the nearest once, twice.

The first attack was evaded with remarkable alacrity as the creature clung to pipe and rack with the tentacular tips of its otherwise rigid appendages. It clambered up wall and around roof and came lurching down the other side of the doorway to hold onto a larger pipe and whip a hooked tail at Nashu. That was where his blade connected, sinking into the dense meat of its tail before audibly cracking what must have once been a femur.


Smaller, more insectile variants. Outside of the visual differences they seem to have no other unique properties.
First came the slimy sound of slithering figures, then came the sight. They glistened in the dim gleam of the team's flashlights and the lambent glow of the self-powered, mostly-dead fixtures on the wall. At first they appeared to be snakes, then worms, then eels, then centipedes, each a trick of the eye trying to decide which it was facing when the true answer was that these vile things were a mixture of all. Two feet long with chitinous legs along slimy, scaled segments. Mandibles like needles, eyes like dead fish. Ten of them, at the least.
— B1CH5


What creates the Abominations?
What event triggers their creation, how are they produced?


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