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The Baikal


It was noon by the time they returned to the docks. A bitter drizzle flitted about their brows, stinging at whatever exposed flesh it could find."-Her name's the Bowbreaker-" one of her hands, a Ka with a shaggy brun coat, said, pointing to the name painted upon the bow.   "We renamed her when we ran across some pirates and escaped by ramming their brow and sinking them. This way.-"The top deck was, as they had seen, a shantytown fortification crammed onto the deck. Slits along the makepiece wall allowed insiders attacks on the outside, and five-meter metal spires lay at rest below each, ready for an attack.Tskhan winced staring at the large boat and it's ramshackle housing, the coats they received form Groshi provided warmth but left the fur of his his head damp from the drizzle. Though he might have been an unskilled mariner his and the Pacts task was of the utmost importance. He tried to think of the right questions about the boat along there tour and take in what they were shown.   “-That sounds like a fine story but why was it retired to being a houseboat?-”Garsoj, the Ka, laughed. "-Interesting sense of humor there. It's not, this is just how we fortify against pirates. She hasn't pushed off in a few months but I assure you she's still very much a functional vessel. Come, I'll show you the bottomside. Actually, if you're feeling adventurous there's something you could help us with-" He pointed to a bulkhead and escorted them in. "Mind the headroom, this was originally a Sapien vessel."
— Chapter 9 Beat 1

What is it?

The Baikal is a massive cargo ship that just managed to escape being harvested for it’s hull. Instead it had makeshift huts built on its deck and was tentatively used by the people of Voshurr to scavenge along the shoreline between Voshurr and Ymira.


The crew acquired the ship through a trade with the people of Voshurr. They found Kholia’s lost library and gave two cars of the trundler in this trade.


Relatively speaking, the Baikal is in great condition. No large holes in the hull, only a few broken windows, and a tolerable amount of rust. Though it’s drafty, had abominations below decks, and has a shotty navigation system, at least it floats and can take a few dings with little issue. As a bonus, it had a forgotten store of near-pristine lifeboats on board.
~1,300 ft

~194 ft

~240 ft

~220,000 tons

~27 mph (24 Knots) top
21 mph (18 knots) cruising
Primary: A 1000 ton Cathedral Engine
Secondar: Two 400 ton vulcan driver engines

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