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A Eulogy for Earth

You always hear the Somnolent going on about the glory of Earth, of the time before it was a protectorate of then Aempian Dynasty. If you look back on it, though, it's a bit of sordid history.

— Opening remarks of a Eulogist


Required reading for Eulogists, historians, and economists, "A Eulogy for Earth" was the first Eulogy written by the Archive. It details the history of Earth, sets the stage for its occupation by Aempis, the formation of the Syndicate, and rise of the Somnacy.


Several SysTome copies of the full text is mandatory inventory for all Seed Libraries and libraries. Special editions which project Illusory Decor of the authors orating and of scenes of Earthen history are common decoration for economists, Eulogists, and historians.

It is critical that nobody ever forget the fate of Earth. Without outside intervention, Humanity may have very well died. This could happen to any world, or to the banners, and should be a lesson we take in stride.

Reading the Eulogy

The entire text is several hundred thousand pages long and details the full history of Earth. Enclosed above are some highlights from the Eulogy proper (the section concerned with detailing the fall).

Record, Historical
Crystal, Photonic


Cover image: Somnancy Banner Cover by Ademal


Author's Notes

There wasn't really a way to write this without discussing modern issues and interjecting my "viewpoint", which is that we should listen to the scientists and that at best we can only hope to mitigate disaster at this point rather than prevent it.   Fact checking would be appreciated. I know some of my predicted outcomes on global warming might be off by a couple degrees.

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