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Cosmetic Fungal Mycosia

Cosmetic Fungal Mycosia refers to any voluntary infection of a fungal body done by a sophont, a practice that has been combined with Orga Technology to make a new form of body art. The living art that melds fungus and tattoo originated on the world of Jhoutai, when early Hiserabi would graft their skins like a substrate to spore local Purpose Flower, giving their fur a bluish glow in dark light.

In the Banner age, fungal mycosia is still not as common as tattoos and fur dye except on worlds specializing in Orga Tech. The fungus can be painted directly on flesh to sustain itself on the dead skin of its host and can be removed by applying a fungicide regime. While most tattoos are made of a harmless or even edible fungus (for the devious), others use their Fungal Mycosia to grow medicinal, psychoactive, or even culinary mushrooms.

I walked the bridges of Nege-Tai shoulder to shoulder with throngs of sophont. It was unfathomable to stand on my tip toes and see nothing but a sea of people reaching all the way into the misty horizon. Somehow, even buried beneath the darkness of the Nege canopy, the room stayed so comfortable, like you could walk around with nothing and not have a care.

Just ahead of me, a group of Ral-Mi and Hiserabi were doing exactly that. I looked on in awe as I saw nude forms of every shape and size, covered head to toe in intricate patterns and species of mushrooms. They glowed the color of the rainbow in the darkness. I must have been caught gawking, because a particularly husky Ral-mi shot me a daring smile, his fangs absorbed the golden light from a pair of long mushroom stalks growing from the tip of his tongue.

Chills ran down my spine at the exotic display, so much so that I had to sneak over and figure out how the heck you grow mushrooms on your tongue.

Finding out took a lot more exploring that I originally anticipated...

Playing with Fungal Fire

Being infected with any fungus is a dangerous prospect, something that the natives of Jhoutai know first hand. Ensuring a controllable reaction was something reserved for only the most practiced craftsmen and artists. It involved careful trimming and nutrional balancing, as well as using special breeds of fungal spores that would stagnate at body temperature instead of blossoming and consuming the host.

In the Banner era, organic technology has allowed the creation of smart fungal kinds which can be programmed to fruit and grow at will, but are always disallowed from being able to spread after initial application to prevent outbreaks of fungal infections.

Legal Stipulations

Cosmetic Fungal Mycosia is controlled in most banners, as there are many harmful fungal diseases that need to be controlled. In the developed areas of universe, most fungal work is done with approved strains and materials. Certain elements are required by law; things such as no live sporing, no toxic materials, and no illicit drug potential.

In the less developed areas, Cosmetic Fungal Mycosia is often more dangerous, as fungus tends to be naturally spawning or dangerous. Some colonies have developed their own strains of fungal mycosia to adapt specifically to the world their are living on.

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