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Metaphysical Burn

I watched as V'lner tried to keep the bastards away with one final spell. Every part of her being turned white for a second. I smelled burnt flesh, my ears went deaf from the resulting explosion. When I returned to, smoke fell off her flesh like she was struck be lightning, she didn't move, but the killers around her fared no better.

Metaphysical Burns are the resulting flesh damage that can occur after an uncontrollable Meta discharge. The energy stored within the victim is too much for their body to handle. The result is often times an explosion of meta that will hit anything in the area including the caster themselves.


Metaphysical Burns are quick to manifest after a meta-detonation. The 'burn' itself manifests as a darkened streaks that meld smoothly into the skin around them. They can imprint unique fractal like patterns all across a body depending on the amount of Meta discharged.


Metaphysical burns can not be removed or treated in the same way that chemical/temperature burns can. They are excrutiating to deal with for potentially months after the incident. Often times painkillers or Metaphysical soothsayers are the only way to negate the effects until the pain wears off.

Removing the scars requires replacement of the effected tissues, this is often recommended as the flesh struck by metaphysical burns is often prone to Regeneration Sickness.

Meta makes all of us unique, but so many budding meta-users try to push themselves too far. Meta scars aren't worth it, be safe with Meta.

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Schools of Metaphysical Burns

The most aggresive of burns. Immolation magic causes the most damage to soft flesh and leaves jagged burns.
These scars often form great blobs of affecfted flesh, rounded edges and blot-like scars are the most common.
Diviniation burns are unique in the fact that they leave spider-web like scars only visible to another diviner.
These scars create fractal patterns in the skin. A small fraction of people proudly display the beautiful scars.

Cover image: The Wheel before the Wayhall


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A short but absolutely high-quality article. I would expect nothing less from Ethnis, a fun and inspiring read through and through.

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