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Regeneration Sickness

Written by Ademal

Regeneration sickness is the natural result of the mistakes made during regeneration adding up overtime. It results in cancerous growths, pains, strain, and organ malfunction.
There's only so many times you can regenerate something before errors start to appear. When it's all gone bad you're better just starting from scratch.
— An Ancient


Everyone in Ethnis has Regeneration but even with regeneration, mistakes occur. These mistakes add up slowly overtime, resulting in odd growths, cancer, notable pain and strain, and organ malfunction.   At some point, the Sickness hits a breaking point and the body begins to rapidly deteriorate. In the span of just a few short years the affected will experience macular degeneration, loss of elasticity, rampant growth of tumors, loss of memory and appetite, and many symptoms considered to be a part of old age.   An unfortunate side effect of this is that some naturally ancient people, or those who look aged as a matter of aesthetic, tend to be ostracized as unhealthy or dying.


Chronic, Congenital

New Senescence

Regen Sickness is cited as the leading cause of death for the average healthy person, but nobody is to blame.   The process is the same as that of natural aging, though Regeneration sickness can be much more dramatic.


Regeneration Sickness occurs relative to the amount of injuries taken in a life time. For most civilians, regeneration sickness can start occurring after forty to fifty years of life.   For those who server harsh youths, such as in the military, Regeneration Sickness can occur at the age of thirty.


Regeneration Sickness can be kept at bay by removing extra growths as they appear or by entirely replacing the affected limb (or body) with a lab-grown clone.   Another option which requires more medical infrastructure is genetic reconstruction. Genetic code of an individual is saved through a persons youth, this code can then be referred to revert any degraded genetic code.


Author's Notes

Summer Camp Prompt 19

Describe a physical condition associated with old age in your world.

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