The last major trading city in the Northlands after leaving the safety of Sleet’s Landing, Vartungard is respectfully ruled by the Rook’s Shadow Clan and Jarl Wolvig Tenfeather. For many merchants, it’s the farthest city they care to venture, leading much of the population to come and go as the weather warms.   Like many settlements in the Northlands, Vartungard heavily follows one of the Primal Deities. Its priesthood for the Matron of Ravens is immense, and a large portion of trade is derived from pilgrims journeying to the port city.


  • Human, mainly Caelian 92%
  • Aves 3%
  • Elves 3%
  • Alvaldi 2%
  • Other 2%
  • Government

    Vartungard is ruled by Jarl Wolvig Tenfeather of the Rook's Shadow Clan. Once a lesser known Jarl, Tenfeather has quickly become one of the most powerful Jarls in the Northlands. His reach is believed only under Magnus Darkshield, the current ruler of the Warlords Alliance.   Jarl Wolvig Tenfeather is stong and battle-tested, with many famed heroic deeds to his name. Most importantly, it is believed he has recently claimed great wealth and is generous to those in his service.   The Rook's Shadow Clan is one of 7 prominent clans united under the Warlords Alliance.

    Might makes Right

    As is common in the Northlands, the rule of might makes right is a primary law. However, the reach of the Warlords alliance helps to refine the Caelian belief of honor and their Wyrd. A small court of sorts handles cases of murder and significant crimes. Minor infractions, if caught, are generally dealt with on the spot, with a typical sentence being a good beating for all to see.

    Guilds and Factions


    Vartungard is home to the most prominent worship of the Primal Deity, Ianna, Matron of Ravens, in the Northlands. Two influential temples follow the Raven, each with its own interpretation of her teachings. Many make the journey to bury their dead by way of the Path of Remembrance. This singular long bridge extends from Vartungard for almost a half-mile across the frozen waterways to a large funeral island and the Temple of Desolation.   The Temple of Desolation follows normalized Matron of Raven standards and the first commandment, "Embrace the Ultimate Fate". The Desolation is made of more modern-day Ferriers and Flock Callers who specialize in performing funerals and providing counsel to those who have lost a loved one.   The Seidr of the Dead Tongue is a Shamanistic community who actively oppose all undeath in the region. They believe in using their ethereal gifts to connect with Bedoma, the Deliverer to rescue any forced to walk the living world as undead following their passing. Showing no restraint, the Dead Tongue will go above and beyond to follow the Matron’s commandment.

    Smaller Clans

    Vartungard actively houses two smaller Caelian clans and supports a Snow Elf emissary hailing from Hvalsyr.  
    Jotunborn Clan
    A small community of Aquen Alvaldi have devoted themselves to Jarl Tenfeather and his family. While mighty, the Jotunborn are kept at arm's length mainly to the clans' mistrust of deities following their difficult upbringing. The Jotunborn are the only known clan in the Northlands to not follow a Primal Deity.  
    Stonefist Clan
    A clan of Caelian who follow Ødger, the Storm Claw, slowly grows. While their views often differ from the Jarl, their strength in combat has proven useful and formed a bond between the clans.
    Location under

    Silverwood Lodging

    The largest hunting guild in the Skavius Wilds is the famed Silverwood. This lodge of expert monster hunters is known for their anti lycanthrope views. It is widely known their leadership has all lost family to the affliction.


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