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Humans are an adaptable and ambitious people. With their penchant for migration and conquest, they are the most numerous and thriving race responsible for vast kingdoms and settlements across both continents. Their short lives when compared to other races, push them to achieve as much as possible with the years they are granted.
No race has benefited more than humans as Erenel shifted into the Era of Inner Flame (EoIF). While other races fought among themselves to reclaim what was lost, numerous human civilizations on both the western continent Tonarian and eastern continent Lytharil, adapted to their new environments.   Living fully in the present and striving to leave a lasting legacy, humans built strong societies, reclaimed lost nations and reinforced indomitable kingdoms. Over time it would seem the only thing that could stop a human kingdom's advancement was another human kingdom.
  In Erenel, seven human ethnic groups are widely recognized, though it is suspected more exist.  
Ahn' Kalin
I am Ahn' Kalin, walker on the Sea of Sand where the mighty Djinn and Efreeti roam.  
I am Caelian, from the north. A land of ice and deep woods. My homeland is brutal but so am I.  
I am Garuthian, a native of one of the five great cities of Ulkadia and keeper of the Ashard Dragon Flight.  
I am Hanoi, from the lands of the east where we strive for perfection in all things. I will always live sincere, loyal and honorable until death, or the Empress may use my body to grow in strength.  
I am Osloru. I have adapted to the harsh Oyudanyi, so thick with jungle growth you can travel from tree branch to tree branch for miles without touching the ground.  
I am Rashemi from Tonarian west of Azure Bay. We take to the seas with not only a falchion but a quill and ink. If a story is to be told then we will be the one to write it!  
I am Thalorian. Hailing from the splendid Grenchester Rise and the Shimmerwood forest, I protect the weak and defenseless in the name of the Queen.
Humans reach adulthood in their late teens and can live for almost 100 years.
Average Height
5ft - 6ft
Average Weight
100 - 250 pounds
by Dean Spencer

Human Traits

Your human character has a variety of natural abilities common with your ancestry. You may also pick an ethnicity below to help expand your character's backstory.
Human 5E Racial Traits


Ability Score Increase Choose one of: (a) Choose any +2; choose any other +1 (b) Choose any +1; choose any other +1; choose any other +1
Size Medium
Speed 30 ft


You are Medium or Small. You choose the size when you select this race.  


Gain proficiency in one skill or tool of your choice.  

Proud Ambition

When you make an attack roll, ability check or saving throw and have disadvantage, you can cancel the disadvantage for the roll. Once you use this trait, you can't do so again until you finish a short or long rest.  

Survival of the Fittest

Your sheer will to live helps you prolong a weakened state. You only die after failing four death saving throws instead of three.

Languages. Common and one additional language of your choice

Human Variant: Clamor, Wild Magic

Known as Children of Wild Magic, the Clamor are magic-suffused humans transformed by the otherworldly magic of the Bond. While they appear primarily humanoid in appearance, the rampant magic flowing in their veins glows and pulses with arcane energy.
The chaotic energies of the Bond instilled into the soul of a humanoid at birth culminate into a Clamor. This race, born from humanoid parents, results in a child not entirely humanoid yet resembling their parent’s appearance. Thanks to their intense connection to the Bond, a Clamor matures rapidly and with highly developed senses.   Clamor wish to experience all life has to offer rather than merely understanding it. Drawn to the Architect’s creations, all Clamor have a unique way of thinking about life. If the Architect created something, it must be worthy of their time. This idea is punctuated by the Clamor’s extremist attitude and heightened senses.

Clamor Traits

Your Clamor character has a variety of natural abilities common with your ancestry.
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