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I am Garuthian, a native of one of the five great cities of Ulkadia and keeper of the Ashard Dragon Flight. The city I pledge loyalty has my heart, and though I may hold grudges against the other great cities, we will always unite to defend the Ashard Dragons against any who wish to harm our liberators.
The Garuthian once lived a harsh life upon waking from the remnants of the Great Sacrifice. Constant attacks from Cyclops, Centaur, Ssatzul, and Gnoll decimated their ancestors as they struggled to build a new life. It wasn’t until a flight of Elemental Ashard Dragons appeared, liberating the Garuthian and bringing peace to the region.   In a few short decades, the five great cities were founded, and the Garuthain people prospered. Now, the Ashard Dragons watch over Ulkadia from the Temple of the Five. Atop the highest mountain of Gray Peaks, the All Sight, an Ancient Ashard Dragon, communicates below through Oracles by conjured visions and whispered words.   While they can vary in appearance, most Garuthian are tan or olive-skinned. Their hair and eyes are commonly dark-complected and range from black to brown or hazel. Garuthian Oracles differ from their brethren thanks to inhaling incense to conjure visions from the All Sight. Relatively early into an Oracle’s service, their skin becomes pale while their eyes turn blue or green, and hair lightens to gold or white.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Adrianna, Calista, Iria, Lyssa, Melani, Selena

Masculine names

Agathon, Darius, Kyril, Odell, Santos, Xander

Family names

Garuthians do not keep family names like other Human ethnicities. Instead, they refer to themselves by their most accomplished parent or relative. When a Garuthian is introducing themselves, they add to their relative's name during the introduction.   "I am Santos, son of Achilles," or "I am Calista, granddaughter of Eros" is a typical Garuthian greeting.


Culture and cultural heritage

The Garuthian stage many yearly festivals with each held in honor of someone or something relevant to the culture. Festivals frequently change and are held not as holidays but by people in power wanting to garner support or improve economic status. One year a festival for Asanna, Lady of the Land may take place; during the following year, a festival of Ødger, the Storm Claw may take its place as a new host steps forward.   Regardless of who the festival honors, one can expect to behold a fantastic spectacle. Wine, food, poetry, theater, and athletic events entertain and attract travelers from across Ulkadia. Each of the five great cities boasts of their coliseum while hosting a festival, each promising to outdo the previous host. It is thanks to festivals that arena fighters, poets, actors, and philosophers have gained notoriety in Erenel.

Shared customary codes and values

The All Sight passes through his oracles relevant laws and ideals, all Garuthian and Ulkadian citizens share. These shared values are ingrained in the culture and build upon the hope and recent freedoms of the people.

Ulkadian Oaths and Curses

Oaths are not unheard of in Erenel. Kings, organizations, military units, religions, and others demand Oaths for service. However, the Garuthian take this one step further by swearing Oaths amongst themselves as currency or acts of good faith. An Oath of Aid may be sworn between friends as a call to arms should the other be in harm's way. An Oath of Secrecy is popular to prevent unwanted information from circulating Ulkadia or an Oath of Labor by crafters to carry out an agreed-upon task.   Seemingly carried by the wind, a cry for aid can be heard by those sworn to serve, as the All Sight notifies when an Oath must be fulfilled. Failure to fulfill an Oath entered upon by free will results in an Oathbreaker Curse. The All Sight and Ashard Dragons from the Temple of Five subject Oathbreakers to various curses with different degrees of unwanted and sometimes deadly afflictions. Regardless of outsiders' views on Oaths and Curses, Garuthian's fully support their use.

Common Etiquette rules

As a continuance of the same hospitality offered by the Ashard Dragons, Garuthians go to great lengths to be accommodating hosts to guests far from Ulkadia. This generosity extends to providing food or drink, a place to stay, and, if possible, directions to the intended destination.   While their generosity is legendary, the hospitality must flow both ways. A guest will provide a gift of some kind, such as a material item or an entertaining tale upon arrival. If a guest brings mental or physical harm or overstays their welcome, Garuthians will not only remove the guest with force; they go to great lengths to warn their neighbors to avoid the unwanted guest.
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