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Thanks to a lineage exposed to the elemental planes, the half giant Alvaldi's elemental blood mimics their descendants home plane. Alvaldi can be traced to one of the four elemental planes; Aquenias, Plane of Water, Aurenia, Plane of Air, Ignathar, Plane of Fire and Terramul, Plane of Earth.
The Alvaldi bloodline embodies the same primal chaos that shaped the peaks and valleys before the Great Sacrifice. Sadly, all Alvaldi also know the pain of being shunned, not only by Al’Madoon but their true creators, the Elemental Lords.   When living on Erenel, Alvaldi are often reclusive tribal people, staying close to the environment that best suits their connected element. Their ancestry is one filled with passion, free spirit, independence, and a quick temper. Most Alvaldi retain their chaotic instinct and competitiveness, concerned with shows of strength and grand competition while remaining heedless to minor consequences.

Elemental Lords and Giant Kin

It is believed the crafting of the four elemental planes is Al’Madoon’s first attempt at creation, and their raw, chaotic nature was more than intended. These chaotic reactions spawned the first known elementals, who began roaming their corresponding planes, vying for power. Over time, one primordial elemental of each plane would take control, subjecting weaker elementals to their rule.   After the four elemental lords rose to power, they turned their attention to their creator, watching as Al’Madoon created Erenel by carefully taking portions of their homelands. This abandonment led to a deep jealousy that consumed the four elemental lords, and for a brief moment, they conspired together to regain his favor.   The four elemental lords would create their own species, designed out of spite to be larger and more potent than those favored by Al’Madoon. Each elemental lord mimicked the Architect, crafting a humanoid race in their image. Giant-kin.   Although much taller than Elves, the first giants, ogres, ettins, cyclops and Alvaldi were considered failures. This misstep did not dissuade the elemental lords, who would each create a favored species over time.
  • Frost Giants from Aquenias, Plane of Water
  • Cloud Giants from Aurenia, Plane of Air
  • Fire Giants from Ignathar, Plane of Fire
  • Stone Giants from Terramul, Plane of Earth
The final creation, Storm Giants, came from one last moment of the partnership between the four elemental lords and proved to be the mightiest giant kin.

Basic Information


Alvaldi tower over most races, standing between 7 and 9 feet tall and tend toward broader physiques that are evidence of their physical strength. The elemental bloodline flowing through their veins manifests differently for each Alvaldi, with minor similarities based on the associated plane. However, all Alvaldi are etched with the color of their bloodline plane. These etchings line the Alvaldi body with distinct patterns common between members of the same family and can even distinguish clans.   An Alvaldi’s skin tone and hair are also dependent on their bloodline plane’s element.   Aquen Alvaldi have seafoam green skin, bright blue etchings and eyes. Their hair and facial hair flow as if they were underwater.   Auren Alvaldi have silver skin, light blue etchings and eyes with a more slim physical build compared to their kin.   Ignan Alvaldi have ashen black, bronze or red skin with fiery orange etchings and eyes. They often flicker flame from their head and facial hair.   Terran Alvaldi’s skin tones range from dull brown to more gemstone metallic with golden etchings and eyes. They are often bald.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Every Alvaldi has three names if raised in a traditional tribe. A birth name, given by the newborn’s mother and father, a nickname assigned by their community and a family name. Birth names tend to be short, often one or two syllables with a much more extended family name. Alvaldi do not follow gender specific naming.   An Alvaldi nickname is usually a descriptive nickname that highlights a positive trait. If the Alvaldi is deemed a failure by the clan or is being punished, the nickname will be derogatory.
  Birth Names: Aukan, Gauth, Jett, Ki, Mariz, Nalla, Sha, Uthal, Zan   Family Names: Elanithino, Manneo-kai, Katho-gileana, Ogolakanu, Vaimei-kalathi   Nicknames: Broken Face, Fearless, Keen Eye, Often Orphaned, Sky Watcher, Talks Much
Alvaldi reach adulthood in their late teens and can live for almost 120 years.
Average Height
7 ft - 9 ft
Average Weight
280 - 380 lbs
Geographic Distribution

Ignan Alvaldi

Cultural Heritage

Alvaldi’s love of competition shapes a significant part of their psychology. They instinctively keep score about anything they can view as a challenge and enjoys casually mentioning how they’re doing compared to their allies or rivals. When an Alvaldi ages and doesn’t measure up to their former achievements, they can become cranky and withdrawn. Not ones to speak to inner struggles, many Alvaldi are haunted by their need to compete against their younger selves in an attempt to prove their worth. An unfortunate circumstance of the creation of their race and being forgotten by their makers.   Many Alvaldi tribes decorate their weapons, homes and clothing with abstract designs with astronomical or elemental significance. Often mistaken for having a low intelligence due to their size and strength, the Alvaldi have extensive oral traditions, including stories, myths, and songs. Keepers of lore and Bards are a welcome addition – not only to spread tales of their prowess but to learn of what challenges they can look to overcome.

Alvaldi Traits

Your Alvaldi character has a variety of natural abilities common with your ancestry.
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