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Scabbard Wastes

East of the Crestfallen Mountains lies the Scabbard Wastes, a vast desert of shifting sands and unrelenting heat. Here, the treacherous winds peel back the veil of time, revealing great pyramids and crumbling tombs waiting to be rediscovered.   A hostile land of mystery and riches await those brave enough to travel across the rolling sand dunes of the Lands of Djinn. Some will find riches and artifacts lost from ancient civilizations; others will know nothing but the slow and painful death of the burning sun.

Sands Divided

The Scabbard Wastes is a land at war, both with itself and those who wish to claim it. Rich oasis dot the shrouded sands providing brief respite and important land to be conquered. At the moment, three mighty empires vie for its waters.

Mozdrelk, Tyrant of Morg Trigal

In the shadows of the Kolssoi Plateau, a small kingdom ruled by Mozdrelk, a greedy and paranoid Beholder, claims dominion by force. His power over a fleet of sand wayfare vessels and the assistance of the Djinn, Khaliatharius, has allowed Mozdrelk to expand his kingdom in recent years.   An uneasy alliance with a Golganthi Hive Queen could provide the Beholder with the means to continue his conquest across the wasteland. An enormous corpse, presumed by the Golganthi to be a dead god, has been unearthed as the Hive ventures deeper into the Kolossi Plateau. Called Val'chi'kan by the Queen, thoughts of resurrecting the corpse consume Mozdrelk's mind and resources.  

Scaled Sultans of the White Sea

When the Scaled Sultans began their great conquest into the Scabbard Wastes, the Voice of the Wasteland dismissed the threat, thinking no outsider could conquer the terrain. Yet, in these parched lands, Draconic who feel the familiar dragonkin urge to hoard treasure have flourished. Plundering lost tombs have provided the Scaled Sultans with great wealth and enough power to rival the selfish Djinns.   The four Scaled Sultans are considered generals of great skill and ruthless politicians. While their reign is new, each Sultan now controls an Oasis in their image. The Ahn'kalin have either retreated from Scaled Sultan land or accepted being second class citizens to Draconic rule.

Voice of the Wasteland

The Pharaoh Kazim Sul rules by mandate from the Djinn Davata and serves as an intermediary between the Ahn'kalin and the mighty Djinn. The Pharaoh represents the Djinn's will through laws passed and policies approved. Kazim Sul appoints several Vizier to serve the capital city Kemor, Voice of the Wasteland, to cement his power. Viziers set by Pharaoh Sul are often relatives or for political positioning with the Scaled Sultans.   Recently, Davata has grown annoyed by Kazim Sul’s inability to overcome the Scaled Sultan threat. Thanks to the political landscape, Davata cannot easily remove his Pharaoh puppet. Still, the brilliant and arrogant Djinn quietly pulls the strings for a usurper to one day overcome the Pharaoh and his Vizier.


Stretching to the limits of sight, sand dunes roll on seemingly forever baked by the blazing sun. In every direction, the hollow silence of the sand sea is both oppressive and foreboding. During the day, the heavy desert air causes the air to shimmer, while at night, temperatures drop to near freezing, with some days having an almost 60-degree temperature change.   Precipitation is generally scarce. Rainfall can vary significantly from year to year, with some places going years without seeing a raindrop. When rain does fall, it comes in fierce short-lived spurts. The rainfall months are typically the winter months of Narwon, Gwaeron and Santhron, with little to no rain in the spring and summer months. Small whirlwinds, called dust devils, are expected as hot, dry air cause instabilities resulting in a dangerous storm.
Alternative Name(s)
The Wastelands, Lands of Djinn
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Scaled Sultans

Kaa'nesh, the Gold Cloaked

by Vagelio Kaliva

The Djinn

Djinn of the Scabbard Wastes are as brilliant as they are mighty and as proud as they are majestic. They are arrogant and self-indulgent with a profound sense of entitlement that stems from the knowledge that few creatures except the gods and other Djinn can challenge their power.  
  • The Djinn Aeradolth will bless those under her protection with a cloudy sky and the chance of rain. Many who dwell next to an oasis believe they are under Aeradolth's protection.
  • The Djinn Davata is known to speak to villagers during a cool breeze. Whenever a cool breeze hits the face of the villagers, it is considered a blessing to be praised.
  • The Djinn Khalitharius is a dangerous Djinn craving power and dominion. Khalitharius is commonly referred to as Demon of the Burning Sands, for if you earn his scorn, he will burn you and anything you hold dear under the heat of the sun.
  • The Djinn Sha'ir is mischievous and known for playing pranks on nomads and caravans crossing the desert sands. Sha’ir enjoys causing illusions to appear just over the horizon, tricking travelers into thinking an oasis or point of interest lies before them.
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