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Ahn' Kalin

I am Ahn' Kalin, walker on the Sea of Sand where the mighty Djinn and Efreeti roam.
The Scabbard Wastes is a large wasteland east of the Crestfallen Mountains and south of the Tonarian Grasslands. The desert is considered by many to be impassable. Despite the dangerous landscape, the Ahn'Kalin have mastered the sands and unrelenting heat. Many are nomades wandering from waterholes with domesticated camels and beasts of burdens. Others take to the empire city Kemor, surrounded by great pyramids and obelisks.   Typically shorter and slighter in build compared to most humans, Ahn' Kalin are bronze or darker skinned with dark complected eyes and hair. Those in high positions of power tend to shave all the hair on their bodies and rub aromatic oils across their skin.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Alia, Dalia, Herit, Maia, Neferu, Salma, Takhat

Masculine names

Akeem, Fahim, Huya, Jamal, Kazim, Ramose, Samir

Family names

Basha, Dumein, Jassan, Khalid, Mostana, Pashar, Rein


Shared customary codes and values

To be wise is one who does not reveal all. Only a fool says what is on his mind.

Average technological level

One of the most advanced societies in Erenel, Ahn' Kalin hold Astrology and Anatomy in high regard. Astrologers study the constellations that protect Erenel from the Void and hope to understand the significance of their movement and protection. Unfortunately, most astrologers are from the wealthier Ahn’Kalin families due to the significant investment of funds required to begin studying. The inevitable inclusion of politics has followed.   Recently, thanks to a hefty donation by Pharaoh Kazim Sul, the Astral Observatory opened its doors for astrologers and students. Pharaoh Kazim Sul believes the Astral Observatory is on the brink of an enormous discovery – harnessing Cosmic magic.   Now, the families push their children into the Astrologer profession, hoping to claim greatness, the Pharaoh’s favor and unlock the stars.

Common Dress code

Dress ranges from traditional flowing robes and headdress or turbans. The robes allow for maximum circulation of air to keep cool and the headdress provides protection from the sun. A headdress may indicate which tribe or family the wearer comes from.
Encompassed species
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