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Raised by dark rituals, the mummy serves their master for as long as their master lives. However, once their master is gone or the curse is broken, the mummy occasionally does not follow and instead regains consciousness.
  A rare sight in Erenel, the mummy, is free from the curse which binds it to a master but forced to remain trapped in decomposing flesh. As the mummy endures in undeath, they are actively shunned by most, cursed with an eternity to find and fulfill a purpose.   To peacefully allow their soul to leave for a chance at an afterlife, the mummy must find what remains of their organs, removing the curse which haunts each individual jar. If the mummy falters before doing so, they will forever shamble across the mortal plane in a zombie-like stupor until the curse is lifted by another. When a mummy is given the opportunity to prove themselves, adventuring groups and other open-minded individuals will journey alongside them. Others may find their “experience” captivating and seek mummies for study, consultation, or worse…

Basic Information


Mummies are partially rotten corpses that have been through an embalming process. This process includes the removal of organs, which are placed into ceremony jars, and the corpse being treated with preserving oils, herbs, and linen wrappings. Unlike other burial rituals, the linens which wrap around the mummy are inscribed with necromantic sigils.   Depending on when the embalming process occurred, a mummy may have varying decomposition levels and even a rotten smell. This has led many mummies to cover themselves in clothing, masks, and various floral-smelling perfumes or oils in an attempt to fit in or to feel like their previous selves.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

During creation, a mummy is not named and retains only slight recollections of their previous life. Their memories are entirely random yet vague, a consequence of the dark rituals that return their soul from its eternal rest.   Because of this, a mummy often names itself or relies on being called by someone it has met. A mummy might choose to give itself a real name based on the region or search for clues on a previous life to reclaim its forgotten name.


Each mummy has five organs tied to the curse that binds them in undeath. During the embalming process, the brain, lungs, liver, stomach, and intestines are placed in a separate ceremonial jar. Strangely, embalmers leave the heart in the body as the Ahn’Kalin believe a creature should never be without its heart, even in death. As Ahn' Kalin are the first known species to embalm at the guidance of the Djinn Davata, this detail remains in place.   For a mummy to stand before Bedoma's judgment in the afterlife, the curse must be lifted from each of the five jars. The curse is administered to the jars during the mummies' resurrection. Some curses are easily disposed of by smashing the ceremonial jar; others require tethering magic to cut the bindings to the mortal plane. It is common for the embalmer to keep all five jars in separate locations to punish and bind the mummy to their service.
Mummies do not age or mature and can live indefinitely if undisturbed.
Average Height
5ft - 6ft
Average Weight
100 - 130 lbs
Geographic Distribution

Mummy Traits

Your Mummy character has a variety of natural abilities common with your ancestry. You will also pick one of the available sub races below.
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