Cloud Ray

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Predator of the Skies

Through the skies and clouds of the Scabbard Wastes, the deadly giant can sometimes be seen crossing the evening sky. On occasion they land and nestle in the sands, sometimes being confused for an outcropping of rocks. Those hapless enough to be standing on or near a Cloud Ray when it ascends may become its next meal.

Basic Information


Cloud Rays have broad, flattened bodies and flap their huge fins to aid their psionic flight. Speckled brown on top and a drab of white underneath, with four jetblack eyes and a bulging spine running down to form a long thin whip like tail known as the zip. The zip is made up of razor sharp, barbed ridges and is used as a signaling system for other Cloud Rays.

Ecology and Habitats

A territorial creature, Cloud Rays respect other creature territories with very few exceptions. Do not intrude into another Cloud Ray's territory without undertaking preparation extensive.

Dietary Needs and Habits

A Cloud Ray's diet consists of devouring other flying creatures with a fondness for Roc and Vultures. The Cloud Ray has no true stomach, preferring to swallow prey completely and grind the victim to liquid with its interior kaw ridges, helping to aid digestion.
Conservation Status
A single Cloud Ray could easily provide a settlement with meat for 3 months but the chances of hunting and killing one is slim to none. These creatures are feared for a reason and have been known to annihilate villages on accident. The effect of the creature hovering close and flapping massive wings has the same effect as a deadly sandstorm.
Geographic Distribution


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