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Oasis of Everlasting Shade

The Oasis of Everlasting Shade is the largest of the four Oasis under the control of the Scaled Sultans. Here, Sultan Kaa’nesh rules over a small Draconic army nestled at the base of a solitary mountain. Pools of sparkling green oases lie at the cities center, allowing a thriving community to settle in the harsh desert sands.   The Oasis earns its name thanks to the mountain’s natural peak shading the city for most of the day. This prime location helped propel the Scaled Sultans during their initial landfall, coming from the Eastern Continent Lyrathil. The desert is a dangerous place at all times, and although the endless sands sprawl in all directions, the Oasis of Everlasting Shade remains a safe haven for the Draconic and those they allow shelter.


  • Draconic 81%
  • Human, mainly Ahn' Kalin 8%
  • Minotaur 6%
  • Other 5%
  • Government

    Sultan Kaa'nesh, the Gold Cloaked

    Sultan Kaa’nesh, the Gold Cloaked, is the eldest of the four Scaled Sultans. Draconic and Ahn' Kalin alike speak of the Gold Cloaked sultan as if he were worse than a devil, with tales of his merciless greed whispered through the oasis. Sultan Kaa’neesh earns the name Gold Cloaked thanks to his flamboyance of wealth. The Sultan’s scales are studded with gems and his fingernails and teeth capped in gold. He wears glorious regalia when in public and is never without the enormous jewel-encrusted crown that extends out to form two devil horns above his brow.   While other Sultans grow recluse, Kaa’nesh walks out front of his grand golden plated palace to look down on the waters and warrens below. A gifted tetherer, the Gold Cloaked often causes his voice to boom across the oasis, taunting those beneath him. Sadly, most audiences with the elder Sultan consist of executing criminals, mainly non Draconic, by dipping their bodies into liquid gold - treasures to set around the palace.

    Points of interest

    Citadel of Wyvern The Citadel is extremely important to the oasis and the Scaled Sultan's security and trade. Draconic Wyvern riders routinely patrol from atop the Citadel of Wyverns highest tower, and the Scaled Soldiers can pour from its barracks at a moment's notice.  

    Four Winds Market

    An enormous open-air marketplace is divided into four districts. Three districts are open for all who risk entering the oasis, while the fourth restrict admittance to full-blooded Draconic.   The East, West and South Wind marketplaces are filled with perishable goods, general equipment and crafts. The North Wind, which sells fine goods and crafts, high-end magical equipment and exotic beasts, is heavily patrolled to prevent non Draconic from entering the market.

    Raisok Racing Arena

    While most raise Raisok as companions and mighty war mounts for the Scaled Sultan Armies, some compete in the arena. Raisok racing happens once every moon cycle and is one of the oasis’s most significant events.
    Founding Date
    Location under

    Scaled Sultans

    Kaa'nesh, the Gold Cloaked

    by Vagelio Kaliva

    Raisok, Sand Lizard

    One of the many predators of the wastes, Raisok, are solitary killers that hide in waiting under the sands or climb above rocky terrain, ready to descend on an unsuspecting caravan. Recently, the Scaled Sultans have turned these beasts into prized mounts, breeding and training them from birth.   Domesticating a Raisok is difficult, but the unique creatures have quickly become favored companions and powerful mounts.


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