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The town of Antioch is a caravansarai nestled in the Crestfallen Mountains in the Northwestern corner of the Scabbard Wastes. The town began as a way station for caravans heading east into the dangerous deserts, although much of this has changed since the emergence of the Scaled Sultans and the Beholder Mozdrelk.   When entering the village, and to make it difficult for pillaged caravan merchandise to be taken out of the wasteland, travelers must pass a checkpoint and receive a bronze token to prove they have entered town honestly. Permanent residents of Antioch are given a silver token with tokens to be presented to Antioch guards if needed. Because Antioch is the last settlement before entering the Scabbard Wastes, most citizens understand these inconveniences, as law and order are important to protect their way of life.


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Antioch is a town of absolute law upheld by the Ranquem Dynasty. While Pharaoh Kazim Sul rules by mandate of the Djinn Davata from the capital city Kemor, the Pharaoh appoints Viziers to oversee smaller settlements under the dynasty’s shadow. Antioch is governed under the fair leadership of Vizier Lavant and backed by Kemor’s elite military presence, the Ankana.

Industry & Trade

As the last safe major trading town before entering the Scabbard Wastes, Antioch's economy relies on trade goods and travelers coming into the city. The Ranquem Dynasty tax trade goods as the primary source of revenue to provide protection for trade merchants and Antioch residents.

Guilds and Factions

Golden Claw

Hunter's guild providing protection for the city from dangerous wildlife. Led by the Trollkin Arando Radamir.   Entrance description. Under a tall dome, stands a large circular ziggurat of reddish yellow stone. Large lanterns burn on the steps leading into the temple. A sign written in Vharoti says Golden Claw Hunter's Guild.  

Order of the Magi

Powerful order of sorcerers led by the Ahn' Kalin Aman Al Raqib.   Entrance description. In the shadows of the Emerald Palace is an impressive structure of white marble with a blue stained roof. Surrounding the the large house is a garden and smaller but almost as impressive houses. A sign written in Vharoti says Come with Purpose.  

Sand Wayfarers

Traders and caravan runners led by the Ahn' Kalin Alsam Musani.   Entrance description. The entrance is narrow and innocuous with a small red tile set beside the door. Inside the room is long and narrow. It is filled with large cushions, small tables and elegant threaded carpets.


Wide streets clogged with traffic weave throughout the city leading to small shops and hovels. Close by, a grand walkway leads to the Vizier's temple and the administration's building. Housing on the grand walkway is made of beautiful reddish-yellow or blue-dyed brickwork and is under constant patrol.
Location under

Vizier Lavant

Star Emerald

A large precious gem housed in the Emerald Palace, the Star Emerald is believed to be enchanted with magical properties. Kept under close watch by Vizier Lavant, the Star Emerald vibrates a low frequency but only when not observed.   Someone is tasked with watching the Star Emerald at all times of day in shifts. It is unknown what may happen if the Star Emerald is left unwatched.

Important Locations

Calrexi Nuruma's Prison

A trecherous Djinn only referred to as Cal is kept imprisoned in an enormous magically sealed structure housed in the center of a small lake. The Ankana guard keep close watch, preventing anyone from approaching the prison. Locals believe the djinn is a conduit for the Order of the Magi to magically produce water for the city. Vizier Lavant claims Calrexi is instead an enemy of the Djinn Davata, leader of the Ranquem Dynasty.  

Dirty Goat

A crumbling wall surrounds the inn. Its presence is noticeable even were the sign not present because of the strong smell of stale beer and unwashed bodies. Inside, the room is dark, illuminated by a few oil lamps. It is so dark that the presence of others is felt rather than seen, their shapes dim in the gloom.

Lawmaster Admissions

At the end of the grand walkway stands an impressive, four floor administrative building. It is constructed of white marble. The corners of the building are dominated by tall towers capped by minarets with onion shaped domes. Wide stone stairs spiral up to a central porch to a large bronze door.

Swayback Camel

A low building of brilliant white opens onto the street. Standing beside and in front of the building are tall palm tree set in large stone tubs. Their branches arch over the door to form a shielded entrance. It looks like what was once a temple has been converted into an inn.

Water Temple

A temple that does not devote itself to any particular god, but instead to the importance of the element of water. It appears as if the water in Antioch is not of the Scabbard Wastes but magically brought to the city.


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