Desert Lotus

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Thought by many of the Scabbard Wastes to be literary fiction told to scare Ahn' Kalin children from adventuring alone into the desert. But like most stories in Erenel, truth was to be had in the embellishment. This intelligent carnivorous plant burrows deep under the sands lying in wait to feast on the flesh of those slow enough to be caught under massive roots and vines.   If not contained, a Desert Lotus will continue to grow and consume in the dark until it matures into a gargantuan monstrosity. Once mature, the Desert Lotus will begin releasing two types of spores. Defensive spores will surround its lair for protection which release powerful toxins to poison and blind attackers and future meals. The second type of spores is perhaps the most terrifying. Tunneling long vines to the surface, the Desert Lotus release Rapport Spores close to unsuspecting humanoids. Once overtaken by the spores it is only a matter of time before your mind is lost to the Desert Lotus.

Basic Information


Fully grown the Desert Lotus sits burrowed into the soil roughly 50 feet wide with the "trunk" reaching almost 50 feet high. Long vine-like tendrils reach out and can be extended and retracted at will into the trunk. These vines can extend almost 200 feet out with each vine having a massive 5 feet width.   Reaching out the top of Desert Lotus sit what could be referred to as the mouth. This bulb-like stem opens and closes as a trapping mechanism to feed, absorbing nutrients by secreting a mucus substance dissolving creatures stuck inside. Thin reeds stretch out twirling and twisting with a subtle but entrancing motion.

Growth Rate & Stages

The Desert Lotus starts as a seed in need of very specfic conditions to fully grow. Mainly restricted to hot and dry climates, the Desert Lotus needs to avoid direct sunlight and have enough water readily available to begin the process. Also, a Desert Lotus needs to be insulated allowing for extreme dry heat without being exposed to the suns rays.   Once a Desert Lotus has fully sprouted and begins to extend outwards, it must start to feed on meat. This is typically done by tricking meals with telepathy to come within range of its vine grasps. Once you've been grasped and pulled within reach, all that is left is to be swallowed and absorbed.   A growth rate of an estimated 80 years is needed before the Desert Lotus has fully matured and is ready to release defensive and rapport spores. Most Desert Lotus do not reach a mature age due to the specific environment needed to fulfill its maturation process.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Typically found is hot and dry climates buried beneath the sands.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

When the Desert Lotus enters adolescence it gains the ability to speak telepathically, tricking creatures into coming close.
160 years
Geographic Distribution

Rapport Spore

If someone is unlucky enough to be struck by a Rapport Spore, the insect pathogen fungus begins to attach to the infecteds exoskeleton. Once the fungus has fully attached to the exoskeleton, the host dies and is overtaken by the fungus.   The fungus allows the Desert Lotus to communicate telepathically with the host body, moving the creature how it sees fit and seeing everything the infected creature sees. Weeks after the host body dies, soft tissue begins to structurally fortify. Sporocarp sprout from the tissue giving the host a plant like appearance. Once sporocarp begins the host may now reproduce by spreading their own weaker Rapport Spore to unsuspecting creatures.  
by Dean Spencer

Desert Lotus Statblock

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Desert Lotus 5E Statblock

Desert Lotus

Gargantuan plant, any
Armor Class 10
Hit Points 132

8 -1
1 -5
20 +5
8 -1
8 -1
3 -4

Damage Vulnerabilities Cold, Fire
Damage Resistances Radiant
Damage Immunities Poison
Condition Immunities Poison
Languages Telepathy 500 ft
Challenge 7

Leaf Storm
When the Desert Lotus reaches half health, it uses its reaction to activate leaf storm. Leaf Storm targets the entire battlefield. All creatures inside except the Lotus must make a DC14 Dex check, take 2d4 damage on a failed save and become poisoned. Success take half damage and not poisoned.


Desert Lotus can use Summon Vine on initiative count 10 and release spores on Iniative count 1.  

Summon Vine
Once per round, the Desert Lotus summons 4 vines which thrust outwards. The vines are 5ft wide x 5ft high and extend to the edge of the battlemap. Any creature inside the affected area must make a DC14 Dex saving throw taking 2d4 bludgeoning damage and becoming restrained on fail. On success take half damage. The vine has 10AC and 20HP. You may climb on top of or over the vine.  
All spores within 500 ft spew toxins in a 30ft cone. Roll 1d4,; on a 1 or 2 the toxin blinds. on a 3 or 4 the toxin poisons. DC 14 Dex saving throw.



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