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Summer Camp 2023 Reading Challenge

Summer Camp was long and hard and most of all it was a blast. I got 33 articles done or at least set up for me to use in my campaign or story. Found out that I can create some scary and disturbing things as well as I love the fun and interesting things I made. I really love all the different props they got me to create all types of different stuff that know how to build out my world.


So the first week's theme was Power.

  • Maelstrom by VioeltLegacy a great idea to tell a natural story that can affect the magic in the air. It gets me thinking about my world with its high magic and what natural storms do if they do anything to it.
  • Anapteros Sea Storms by Locklear It's a cool idea describing what a sea storm looks like in this world. The difference in reasoning it happens is because of his two moons and what happens during winter versus Summer. The title of the work is very good.
  • Rifts AmethystScribeVery cool idea on rift the author gives a very great description of what one looks like and how it feels going in one. Some great ideas about how they work and what is in them.
  • Rain Of Gems by Sprinheeled Jack Talks about a cool meteor shower. One of the Meteor making landfall changes the landscape and petrifies people in pretty gem-like ways. I also love that the author wrote about was like exploring the area. Given both the immediate effect and the long-lasting effect.
  • Havern Tsunami by J.H.H SpearsIt's a super tsunami that is very good details on what it does and how Haven house warnings and protection and even a way to get to safer ground. It thinks about how to take the people that live near this type of natural disaster.
  • Astral Storm by ThomasF An interesting way for demons to enter into that world. The author did a great description of where and how these astral storms open up and activate.

A resource that provides fuel or power
  • Spellgale Cloth by G34RS It's a very cool design for a cloth made for skyship. The author made a very great design of the uses and the creation of it. They even compared it to normal clothes and the properties it has.
  • Chronium by BerryPizza The author made an ultimate resource that was very rare and has a very cool history. They also did a very well explaining the uses. Famous alien house villains used it and how they were stopped
  • Lux Moss by Pam Frei Very interesting moths that the author wrote I like the fact that you have to keep it alive to use these magical properties and that it most places use it in other gardens parks and facilities that already tend to wildlife very interesting design.
  • Xildric Crystals by TheOwlGodThey are very cool crystals and their base form can be charged with a different element to empower different machinery. I love that I and other people have a similar idea.
  • Crystalized Magic by Artri ArachsĂșlIs it cool Crystal about raw medical power and the author wrote so much great details on how it's formed how is processed and what it can do. Gives me a think about how gems get enchanted in my world.
  • Dragon's Eye Crystals by JoebiWanKenobi316 A very interesting crystal that is used as I focus it has very cool security system and abilities

A species known for its mischievous personality
  • TRICKLEBEASTS by Wulvenfire I love the pack how they are very mischievous to the point where the just mix stuff up not even take it and wait for the results and then enjoy a good laugh with each other.
  • Bonecasted Taerwarry by cedes Kittybye93!I love to see a take on an Al life form especially one that tries to not do what they're designed for and mess with their creators but not kill them. They love taking the stuff they're mining for and playing chicken it's really fun to read.
  • Keamon by JoebiWanKenobi316 They are extremely cute little creatures that are up to no good. The author gave them three variants so it's very interesting to read about each variant.
  • Baobhan Sith by SpiritbladeIt is a vampire this author did an awesome job of describing its differences from a normal vampire as well as the way it interacts and hunts. It makes me want to make a couple of different species of vampires in my world.
  • Tars Falcons by Dredaich An interesting bird with a decent amount of intelligence we'll figure out any other way to get their food to come to them and also they love shinies. They are willing to make deals with people that help them with their treachery is a fun idea.
  • AETHER FOX by Draagax Very cool specter fox. Would be one heck of a companion for any rogues type or print just type personnel daughter to the very good child explaining the fox.

Describe the title & responsibilities of an important person in your world
  • Karreth by Caestus The Arthur does an excellent showing up how this title began and what its current meaning is to the people of this world. So they're not good at Riley's history, especially for political titles or political stuff is very interesting to see it.
  • Thrice Blessed Servant by Matthew LloydIs an amazing religious leader and the Arthur tell how they're chosen and their purpose even giving where they stay at a special animal that lives with them.
  • The Raven Queen by EXP I love what this officer created a title that can be a path to any person yeah is given it. It has stayed in the royal family but it could go to anyone. They also gave it abilities and stabbed it up for the possibility their players might get it. It is an amazing article
  • Tokgok 'nro by SF71 It's a cool title that starts as a desk cover fire that evolves over time of the country that has been to leave the country slightly not that afforded anymore.
  • Pellilock War Mage by Rob CowanA cool office that helps a school and the country out in times of need also did a very good idea of the details of the position the Mage hold.
  • Oathkeeper of the Dunwich Templar by Ser_Richard The author writes a very good title for what eye picture to be a paladin. Also gives an excellent example of one of the holders of this title.

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