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A rift is a fancy word for a portal between Earth and the Otherworld. Once created, they are basically permanent doorways that allow curses and humans to cross between worlds. When rifts were first discovered, humans would fall into them all the time and get lost in the Otherworld because they can't find the way back out. That's what I heard, anyway. I'm not that old. But this doesn't happen much anymore. All known rifts in Nova City are mapped out, and mostly we avoid them. There are dozens in Nova City, and thousands across the rest of the world.  


When a new rift is created, it's referred to as a "curse surge," or if you want to sound cool, just a "surge." Gravity gets weird and distorted within the new rift's location, and nearby structures, animals, or humans can get dragged into it or crushed. Tons of curses can also emerge as soon as the new rift appears. Any curses within several yards of a rift can stay in their physical form, and like to attack nearby people. The last surge in Nova City happened 5 years ago. Some say that surges and rifts are created by one super powerful curse, but nobody knows for sure. This supposedly powerful curse is also missing.


Rifts appear in round or elliptical shapes as swirling, spiral formations of red and violet energy. Gravity is distorted around them, and debris from nearby structures can be caught floating in its range. It actually looks pretty cool, like modern art.
Gravity 0.95x - 1.05x Normal
Color Red-Violet
Size 15'-35' w x 10'-20' h

Entering the Rift

Walking or falling into a rift is a bizarre and unpleasant experience, as if entering a hall of mirrors that slowly shatter while your body is crushed and expanded by gravity, until it abruptly stops, and you find yourself on the other side. I do not recommend unless you're into that sort of thing.
by Dream.ai
Metaphysical, Supernatural


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Aug 2, 2023 15:44 by Marc Zipper

Very cool rifts I love the way you describe going into one is and the very cool description of them. With Rift permanently open what would happen if not a rift opens up in a similar area would they combine or would they be two separate rifts.

Let's have fun creating the impossible, building new worlds, and all types of possibilities. Valcin
Aug 7, 2023 06:21 by George Sanders

Doesn't sound like a place to take a family trip to, although it sounds like the narrator has been there!

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