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An elf and the wagon driver for an adventuring party led by Bucephalus the Rambunctious during the Kiri-Kawa-Oda War of 876. He had some connection to the Oda Clan, and he seemed to get around if you catch my drift. He dated Hokan for a while until the Silk Page killed his lover later that year. After the end of the war he traveled around Pescaliat for a couple decades before returning to Olenjii to serve as Mother Oda's personal driver until her ascension as the Ageless One's new avatar for the 4th Cycle's tenth century. He drifted around the Northern Territories for several decades, tired of the region's constant warfare and taking odd jobs to pass the time. He's been spotted in the New Tolball city of Nekutalin in recent years.
Current Location
Year of Birth
739 192 Years old


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