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EooD Session 29: Seizing Opportunity

General Summary

Month 1, Week 2, Year 901
Day 6 in the Underdark
With their new books in tow, the Dark Souls continued their journey towards Dromire. The group pored through the tomes and manuscripts, finding some fascinating works like the Book of Things to Come that warned of events slated to occur centuries in the future. The group learned plenty of useful information about Verschow politics and which families could be played against each other, with the books their greatest bargaining chip. It seemed that few families were excited for another war with Rakka, but many of them were carrying out House Baudissin's whims out of concern for their own self-preservation.    The adventurers didn't stay long in Zerbst, Jael checking in with her Shadow Servants to get some more information about the reunion with Allexander Hainaut. The latest message advised her to meet up at the Broken Tyrant, an ancient rock formation about a few days outside of Dromire.    As the group continued at their breakneck pace, their journey was complicated by an encounter with a fomorian and a couple of scavenging hook horrors. Poolp held his own against the gigantic monstrosity, but one of the hook-clawed creatures sneaked past his traps and rushed straight towards Seizer. The gnomish wizard could only survive so many blows, and within seconds the hook horror had torn him to shreds and feasted on the remains. Not only had the Dark Souls just lost their first member, but they'd also lost their carriage driver and 'Phantom Steed' to navigate the treacherous caverns of the Underdark.    A mournful party set up camp for the night, Skyler offering tribute to the fallen ally in lurid detail. During the night watch Nineveh talked to Jael about the knife she'd been hiding since she first joined the party, a blade given to her by the fey Lady of the Lake. She was directed to give it to somebody 'with mastery over life and death', but as Jael handled the blade it appeared that she wasn't the person destined for the dagger.    Later that evening Jael kept watch and noticed some strange movement out in the shadows. Illuminating the area with some 'Dancing Lights', Jael discovered none other than Ereldra Baudissin: one of the Verschow's greatest assassins and heir to the Baudissin throne. Ereldra warned Jael to turn back and abandon her quest, casting a wave of magic darkness and disappearing back into the tunnels of the Underdark. There'd be a lot to discuss at her reunion with Allexander.

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Report Date
15 Dec 2020
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