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Book of Things to Come

"It is either this or that, all the universe or nothing! Which shall it be, paladin, which shall it be?" - excerpt from the book's epigraph, unclear whether it refers to a quote that has already been said or will be said sometime in the future
A book of omens and warnings said to prophecy that will transpire over the next 500 years. Written by the dark elf matriarch Korda Aribond in the summer of 881 just days before she was assassinated by political rivals from House Baudissin, it tells of future wars and conflicts with earth-shattering repercussions. Few have been able to decipher the tome's cryptic visions, hidden under lock and key by House Aribond for much of its existence.    In the early months of the year 901 it was stolen by a band of yuan-ti book thieves for use at their base of operations in Anthep. The book was retrieved by a band of adventurers known as the Dark Souls.


The Book of Things to Come is designed for future generations of diviners to parse and interpret its prophecies. All of the omens are exclusively written on the right-hand pages of the tome, leaving hundreds of left-side pages blank for scholars to write their interpretations and confirm the meanings of every vision.
Manuscript, Historical
Authoring Date
881, 4th Cycle

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