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A merchant pirate who made a reputation for himself as a gentleman thief. He spent years amassing a fleet in the Largas Ocean along the trade routes to Rakka, and he was often found in the gambling halls of Oblast hobnobbing with the nouveau riche. The adventurer Cereus Quinn-Malum pissed him off one day in 897, and he assigned his prized hitman Radovan the Killer to have the druid murdered. Unlike many pirate kings in Myltev, after Nikolaj Baratov's coronation in 897 he collaborated with the new regime to hunt down rogue bands of pirates in return for access to valuable mining contracts. He passed away in 917, leaving many of his pirate fleets to be inherited by King Nikolaj for use against the kingdom's foreign threats like Glace and beyond.

Mental characteristics


  • Pirate Nobility (876 - 917)
831 917 86 years old
Circumstances of Death
Died of old age


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