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Appel Waldgrave

A female dark elf and operator of the local mortuary in Zerbst. Her family has long been an ally of House Hainaut in The Verschow, providing the Hainauts with a reliable source of bodies for their necromancy. Her family fell under hard times during the reign of House Baudissin in the 4th Cycle's ninth century, forcing them to retreat from the capital of Dromire to the frontier outpost of Zerbst. The move at least guaranteed a reliable stream of business, the surrounding Underdark full of deadly monsters and aberrations.   When Marwen Hainaut staged a coup against House Baudissin in 901, House Waldgrave benefited from this shift in power and snagged many lucrative business deals in the region after the Treaty of Rel-Kadrar's signing. Rather than expanding the mortuary business in Zerbst, Appel chose to assist an expedition into the dragonborn ruins of the Underdark to catalogue (and perhaps speak with) any mummified remains recovered from the mission.
Current Location
Year of Birth
619 316 Years old
Dark Gray
Other Affiliations


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