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Vox Tristan (Vahks Trih-staen)

Vox Tristan (a.k.a. The Vox/ Vox)

Year 2267: Tristan is a Mech Vox in Triumvirate Security T-SEC.   Past: He started out as a Hex (or captain) of Lightbar's army during the The Savant Uprising in the year 2253. He has his first encounter with Sergeant Robert Lilly while chasing him in his unit outside Lanzhou. Robert shoots Tristan in the shoulder, causing him to require a half-torso and arm mod.   He is then called to the KEWP Control Center, to address a disturbance. There he comes across Robert's squad and they end up grappling. Robert gets away, but not before he runs a knife down Tristan's face. This causes him to get the ocular mod that covers half his face.   His last encounter with Sergeant Lilly is in Hong Kong Island when the squad is there to break into Lightbar Spire. He manages to get close enough to Robert, injecting him with nanobots and beginning Robert's transformation into The Anlace. Though, Tristan doesn't know this and just thinks he turned Robert into an automoton as planned.   Present: Tristan works for T-SEC as a special forces General. Initially, they put him on the task force to "recruit" street kids for the CIBRG Program, along with Six. However, after Battery Mall is bombed, Tristan gets reassigned.   He is put in charge of investigating the bombing of the mall to prove XCGen's innocence and prevent them from being framed and thus starting a war with the cartel, The Invisibles. He gets Six to steal video footage from Battery Mall to see who the attacker actually is.   Six also records an incident with Mara Dark and Clark Sinclair while he's persuing Samson Lilly. When this gets back to Tristan, he is yet again taken back to that day in Hong Kong and starts thinking the mall activity may be the work of a larger threat to the The Triumvirate.   Baggage: Tristan had been carrying a chip on his shoulder for the team of savants who blew up Hong Kong. He'd only found a couple of them, Chet Ferryman but has had little success in this endeavor. He has renewed his search for Mara, even while trying to find the bomber of the mall.   His search leads him to Prosperity Tower where he just misses Mara, Sam and all the others.   His search continues with a detour to the New York Metro Complex to attend a banquet at XCGen's headquarters. There, he experiences the bombing and the assassination of Black Arrow Corporation's CEO. Recognizing Clark Sinclair, he takes the man into custody while unknowingly letting his brother go.   Unfortunately, Clark also escapes before he could give the Vox any useful information, though he really tried to find Mara. Tristan takes up his search after the CEO gets mad at him and demotes him from the rebel search team for being too close to his own vendetta.   Tristan tries to track the nanobot in Sam's head, but since Sam managed to reprogram it, he loses that lead. Instead he hears that the doctor working on Black Arrow's secret bioweapon was killed and his lab trashed and that a group of savants matching the descriptions of Sam, Mara and JR managed to infiltrate and escape the Biological Research Institute of California he heads to the Republic of California to investigate.   Eventually, he catches up with Mara on top of the California Sea Wall right before its destruction. They grapple but neither is able to kill the other before the wall blows up. He manages to escape, but so does Mara, so their story is not yet over.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He was a large, hulking man (unsurprisingly) who had more metal on him than flesh. His head was shaved into a black mohawk, and the side facing Aiden was covered by a large shiny plate and glowing circuitry. One eye was what looked to be a tactical monocular lens and the other was human…or at least looked human. His chest was plated battle armor and one arm had been converted into a crossbow. That was probably what had been shooting the snake gas bolts.

Apparel & Accessories

Specialized Equipment

  • Has a mech arm that can become several different weapons (laser pistol, mag pistol, rocket launcher, crossbow) as well as a hand etc..
  • Tactical monocular on his face that allows him to scan and record situations.
  • LInks to the GlobalNet and internal processors for his own mini computer

Mental characteristics

Failures & Embarrassments

"Allowed" Hong Kong Island to get blown up

Morality & Philosophy

As a mech and soldier for the CORPs, he believes the CORPs are in the right and he is fighting for a better future for everyone. Grew up believing that the savants were threatening his way of life and that they were bad for the peace of the nation. Thus, in his early years, he had no trouble killing them without thinking.   He upholds the law as believes that is the only true right. However, when he realizes how unhumanitarian the law is, he will start having second thoughts about what is "right".   Alignment: Lawful evil (Current), Lawful Neutral (future).   He does not like the corporate bullshit and hullabaloo. Hates suck-ups and panderers.

Personality Characteristics


He still feels responsible for the destruction of Hong Kong Island. He let his vendetta with Robert get in the way with his mission to protect millions of citizens. He tries to make that right within his own head by hunting down those of the squad responsible, but can't find them.

Likes & Dislikes

  • Imogene MacKintyre
  • Savants
  • Robert Lilly
  • Vices & Personality flaws

    Allows his feelings of personal vengeance get in the way of his duties.

    Personality Quirks

  • Flicks his mech arm through its arsenal when he's nervous.
  • Current Status
    Searching for Mara and the rest of the Street Dogs Squad/Looking for rebels at the command of XCGen's CEO
    Current Location
    One black, one a glowing blue ocular
    Mohawk, bright blue or black
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Peach/pink or metallic and black were his mods are
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    “What’s the matter, Vox?”Mara shouted across the distance. “Are you afraid of me? Like you were afraid of Robert?” Despite the sparks shooting from his ocular and obscuring his face, Mara could tell she’d hit a nerve. The man had frozen. “Are you still sore about Hong Kong?” she taunted, “Well let me tell you something, Vox. You can’t save the RoC either!”
    Aligned Organization


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