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The Triumvirate

A corporate oligarchy government which is a collection of the strongest three CORPs in the world.   In the turbulent aftermath of the Savant Uprising War in 2254, the corporate landscape underwent a seismic shift that birthed the Triumvirate, an alliance forged in the crucible of chaos. XCGen, the technological powerhouse from the gleaming spires of the United Corporate Cities of America, united forces with Black Arrow, the shadowy giant synonymous with covert operations and military might. Across the vast expanse of the Atlantic, the bioengineering marvels of Greater Ireland's HumanSource brought a unique lifeblood to the alliance.   The Triumvirate was formed in 2254 after the The Savant Uprising to keep any one company from having as much power as Lightbar Industries did when they went rogue and started killing their own people. It is made up of a council which conducts checks and balances on each company. It also has it's own security force, Triumvirate Security (or T-SEC) which is separate from each corporation's private force, aka Corporate Security (or C-SEC).   Current Triumvirate consists of:
  1. XCGen
  2. Black Arrow Corporation
  3. HumanSource


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