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An abbreviation for Triumvirate Security, T-SEC is the police force of the Triumvirate. Serving as half military, half police force, they make sure the keep the peace between Mechs, True Humans and Savants (with obvious preference to mechs).   Instead of being loyal to individual corporations, Peacekeepers with T-SEC serve the intrests of the Triumvirate as a whole. This solution came about so that the corporations of the Triumvirate didn't fight with each other, but united for (and against) a common purpose. They inforce the Laws of Commerce as well a roughly ensuring safety.   They have no authority over the cartels like The Invisibles, but they do have an uneasy truce.   Frequently, they violate the Laws of Morality (such as when they kidnap street kids to do experiements on, or when they run the City Games ) if it is deemed in the best interest for the Triumvirate or even one of the CORPs.


  • Head of T-Sec
  • - Vox (General of a region) - Hex (captain of a city) - Peacekeeper (grunt soldiers)
    Government, Secret Service
    Alternative Names
    Triumvirate Security
    Parent Organization


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