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Aeltruad (Ale-true-ahd)

Lord of Lies

"Upon further review, the Lord of Lies is perhaps one of the most dangerous figures in the Known Realms. Aeltruad is intelligent, cunning, and has a mind for long-term planning. His ascension over the Ages from the lowest amongst the Demonlords to one of their most senior members is evidence enough."
Alkhaz Dah'nakar
A Review of the Great Powers of The Known Realms

  Aeltruad is one of the Demonlords of Rancor, ruler of the Fifth Layer of Hell and the Lord of Lies. Often taking the appearance of a hooded figure, it is said that Aeltruad was a king on Earedar during his mortal days. He ascended during The Godswar, serving Belegor during his tenure as King of Hell before switching his allegiance of Belros Azul.
  Aeltruad is a notorious schemer, first gaining notoriety during the Emerald Age, when Eltax approached him with a plot to overthrow Belegor and replace him with Eltax as the King of Hell. At that time, Aeltruad was the ruler of the First Layer of Hell. They plotted together for over a century alongside Kalzad, Lord of Suffering before finally making their move against Belegor. Alas, Aeltruad had betrayed the conspiracy to Belegor, and the schemers were overwhelmed in an ambush by the rest of the Demonlords alongside Belegor and Tishdakalar. Kalzad was slain, and Eltax was imprisoned in the Pits of Despair. Aeltruad was rewarded with a promotion to rulership over the Fourth Layer of Hell for his efforts.
  Aeltruad served Belegor loyally after that for over an Age, until he was approached by Belros Azul to join his conspiracy to overthrow Belegor. Joined by Yzgaroth, Baphomet and Djzargo, they scoured the Nether Abyss for centuries for the entrance to the lost realm of Orobeus, looking for a lost artifact known as the Fist of the Father. Eventually they found that lost realm, and used the artifact against Belegor to allow Belros to absorb his power, and he ascended as the new king of Hell. Aeltruad was rewarded yet again for his treachery, rising to ruler of the Fifth Layer of Hell.
  During the Infernal Crusade Aeltruad would lead the invasion of the Elswyld, or the Fey Realm. His greatest failing, Aeltruad was unsuccessful in his campaign against Tisrendel and the other denizens of the Fey Realm, and after seven centuries had still not fully conquered that domain. This was perhaps his greatest failing, as the failure of Aeltruad to reinforce the main conflict in Earedar can be directly attributed to the failure of The Shadow to achieve victory in the Inner Realms. Belros was incensed with this, and to this day blames Aeltruad for his failure in the Crusade.
  While not having an official cult or following, Aeltruad is worshipped by many ambitious folk, schemers and other mortals who aspire to power.

General Information

  Symbol: Black Hood   Portfolio: Lies, Intrigue, Treachery, Deception and Secrets   Domains: Demonic, Infernal, Knowledge, Shadow, Trickery   Favored Weapon: Pike   Title: The Lord of Lies   Blessing: Gain advantage on Deception checks as well as a +4 bonus when lying.  


  No Known Partners   No Known Children  

Faiths, Cults and Organizations

  Circle of Shadows- Most prominent within the Felidar Imperium, Yvren and other places where the Shadow holds sway, the Circle of Shadows is comprised of a cabal of warlocks, clerics, priests and other mages who draw upon the Shadow for their power. Fueled by raw ambition, members of the Circle are driven to accumulate as much power as possible, often at the expense of others, including their own members. They are often cruel and unforgiving, and can be found acting as priests amongst thsoe regions controlled by the forces of darkness. They venerate Belros Azul above all others as the pinnacle of their ideals.
Divine Classification
Date of Birth
The Godswar


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