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A world full of Light and Shadow, mystery and magic, Earedar has stood throughout the ages at the center of the Eternal Conflict. The Storm Age finds Earedar broken and healing, still recovering from the destruction wrought by the demonic hordes of the Belros Azul, the King of Hell, during the Infernal Crusade. While the armies of the demonlords may have left Earedar, their corruption has seeped into its very bones, creating the Shadowfiends. Twisted, misshapen things, they are the result of the Shadow left on the world, the scourge of many nightmares.   There are more than just Shadowfiends to fear however. In the west, the Vreakar Empire grows in strength, and the power of the Dragonlords reaches ever farther East. In the South, the Grand Duchy of Adressa rises in power, fueled by the rise of the Iron Brotherhood and its hatred of Magi. In the North, the grand Kingdoms of old are broken and fractured, and even the mighty Dwarfs retreat into their mountain holds. To the East across the Inner Sea lies the rolling Khakari Wildlands, and the dangers of the Dragon Coast. In the midst of it all lies the Free Marches, a land torn by strife and danger, but also with endless possibility.