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Ethereal Wastes

The Ethereal Wastes are over fourty million square miles on the North side of Draqua nestled between The Dragon Spine mountains and the Obsidian Wilds It is said that this region was originally a lush and fertile landscape, some of the areas of the east are even believed to be part of Utopian Valley.


This vast ocean of sand is sweltering even before the burning hours. With an average high per day of 110 degrees, even reaching temps around 150 during the burning hours. Occasionally you are lucky enough to come across one of the many oases or perhaps you come across one of the ancient volcanos that the sands of the desert are slowly wearing away. You may even find one of the salt flats of the region. There are even a handful of glacial-fed rivers in the south. They stretch for miles into this arid wasteland before the desert eventually swallows them up.


Survival and adaptability are critical factors for those that live in this wasteland. Water and shade are perhaps the two most important things to those that dwell in this dry desert. Every creature and plant in this region has adapted in some shape or form to increase their odds of survivability.   The oasis of the desert are a significant hotspot of life. The water and plethora of plant life bring in the creatures from the sands.   The twilight hours and night is when it seems that most of the creatures are active. Most animals are sleeping or resting, conserving their energy during the day.

Localized Phenomena

There are a plethora of both natural and magical happenings in this vast wasteland. The most common ones that plague the region are magical voids and elemental rifts. Though these phenomena are found everywhere in dungar since the cataclysm not with the same frequency, duration, or size found in the wastes. Sandlake sits deep inside a Magical dead area.   When one is traveling through the dunes, one must always keep an eye on the horizon for storms. Sand and lightning storms are a widespread occurrence in this dune sea. If these deadly storms are not enough, they can be enhanced or transformed to even more catastrophic levels thanks to the rifts that can open in the area.   Most dare not attempt to fly in this region thanks to these hazards and many others—those who even try generally never make it to their destination. The magic dead zones hamper all forms of magical travel through the wastes. Even the mighty gnomish machines are hindered by the sand getting into the innards and gumming things up.


With its extreme heat and limited water, it is not really a place people choose to holiday. Sandlake is the only location in this desert that attracts visitors from around Draqua.
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The great desert, Sand Wastes
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Sage RandoScorpio
4 Aug, 2022 00:11

What an interesting and terrifying place. I had expected 'Ethereal' to be equivalent to beautiful and delicate, not so harsh and forbidding as this place. Was the name a holdover from when it was more lush and vibrant? What are the nightly lows for temperatures?   I like how you connected it to many other areas of your world, such as who lives here, geographical features, and other exciting facets. I hope you get the chance to dig deep into this place. I would have loved some small blurbs about the species that live here and the links on the sidebar. Just a little overview of what features the plants and animals needed to develop to live in this kind of environment.

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