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Before the Beginning

Era beginning/end


Before time, life within reality only existed in the Outer Planes, the planes being the breadth of the The Source. In this time, Zenric and the other Ancient Gods, often referred to by the Old Gods as the Old Gods, created all that is known in the planar realms. For some time, Zenric watched over the realms and planned a big bang that would shape a material plane.

Though the full truth of the time before the beginning of the universe is unknowable, there are events that are said to have occurred. The New Gods of Apokalips and New Gods of New Genesis tell that this was the time of the First World and then the Second World, when the Old Gods of the Godworld watched over the adventures of the first hero, Aurakles. During this period, the first of the forces known as the Endless also came into being.   The New Gods of the later Fourth World recount that until the creation of Urgrund, that the unknowable source of Zenric's power, was then the only existence; this period was later called the First World. Thereafter, the age wherein the cosmos was dominated by Urgrund and its people the Second World. Urgrund was an immense world, far larger than the vastest star, and its people were literal titans. Their lives were epic in scope, a mythology unto itself, for millions of years, until internecine struggle and war led to the end of their planet and the Second World.   At the moment of creation, Unus, the First One, became the first being to be created by the Ancient Gods and the first being to exist beyond them in Second World. His mind became the receptacle of the Moment of Creation. Almost immediately, he began to transcribe his knowledge into the SourceBook, which became the receptacle of the first words and the second receptacle of the Moment of Creation. With the power of the SourceBook, Unus, along with several of the Ancient Gods, shattered the Second World into a multiverse and in so doing created a universe for himself. There, from Unus, sprang the Alphians the first civilization in existence among the realms of his new universe. Eventually an Alphian, Phoros the Bright, was corrupted by the influence of Entropy, a being which had fallen into Unus' universe at its creation. Entropy, which had began its existence trapped in the Doom-Coil created by the Watcher in a past existence took a full hold on Phoros the Bright and he became Omega and the universe at the end of the multiversal spectrum became known as the Terminus.