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Than, the Last Titan of Urgrund

Last Titan of Urgrund, Mad Titan, Godslayer Than of Urgrund

Than is a genocidal warlord from Urgrund, the wielder of the Godslayer Gauntlet, the first outside challenger of Uxas, the fallen leader of the Dark Order of Than, and an active member of the Champions of Destiny.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Than is a genocidal warlord from Urgrund, the Second World which stood in place of the Universe and the Multiverse at the foundation of the prime material plane. After The Source breathed life into the universe, Titans became gods on GodWorld and migrated to the Second World, ushering in a golden age. It was in this golden age that Than was born. Reaching adulthood gently, Than had known only peace and harmony. Than married, had a daughter, and lived a life of pure euphoria in a utopia unknown to the Modern Era of man but all good things must end.   Zenric, the Ancient God, forced life into the Second World by using his Source again all around Urgrund. The massive explosion became known as The Big Bang and Second World became more then just that of Urgrund. As life and power spread throughout the Universe and echoed into the Multiverse, war came to GodWorld and the subsequent destruction  and rebirth brought about the GodWave and the New Gods, thus beginning the Third World.   As the New Gods rose in power, the Old Gods died and the golden age of Urgrund came to an end. The turmoil that followed literally tore Than's world apart ending the life he knew, killing his family, and eventually all whom he'd called friends. With nothing, he swore that he would avenge those that he'd loved and slay the pretenders contesting the Universe. To complete his goal, Than set about creating the Godslayer Gauntlet with the purest mithril and gathering the Godfather Gems to empower it. He swore he would replace the Gods of the Outlands, pretenders who were dictating the free flow of the universe but he set his sights on any god he could manage.   Founding the Dark Order, Than invaded multiple planets and slaughtered thousands to gain any artifact that could kill a god. He searched mercilessly for the Godfather Gems and killed anyone who'd dare oppose him. Than forged alliances, created the Blade of Eternity inside The Cosmic Coil and built an army of cloned demons for himself. His quest and his allies failures did eventually force him to sacrifice his alliance with the Freedom Society and in so doing he accidentally caused the creation of a god .   Since then Than has chosen an easier target, or so he thought, the New Gods of Apokalips specifically Uxas. With Uxas, Darkseid, Than would do battle and fail, losing his Dark Order and forcing him to truly align himself with the Champions of Destiny. In a desperate attempt to save his new allies from a potential future enemy, Than struck a deal with Destiny of the Endless and manipulated his own past, there by manipulating history and a portion of the future.  

Than Throughout Time

The Mad Titan

There have been three versions of Than in existence. One was from a hypertimeline that collapsed, he'd lived in that hypertimeline until the year 2019 CE. That version of Than became known as the Mad Titan after he was poisoned before his death. The Mad Titan had actually saved the Freedom Society from the future he was from, that 2019 timeline, thus causing it to become an unstable hypertimeline. When he brought the Society to the past, he joined the actual timeline along with the original version of himself in the 1920's. It was the Society's actions that destroyed the 2019 hypertimeline making it so that the Mad Titan could never return. That's when the Mad Titan was poisoned by Vandal Savage. Seeing his end, the Mad Titan traveled back into the past as he knew he already had from memory, and spoke with his original self as he had historically done. Heading forward again to the late 1920's, Than asked the Freedom Society to help cure him of his poisoning but was ultimately cast into the Vanishing Point of the Society's old multiverse by one among the Society to his death.  

The Original

Than originally lived from the time of the Titans to the year 23,000 BCE . Arriving in the early 1900's through living it, Than searched for the Godfather Gems until he was met by a future version of himself, the Mad Titan. The Mad Titan told his original self what he remembered being told at that time, the location of the Space and Time Gems most cheifly. Having to spend roughly thirty years to recover said Gems, the original Than wanted to use them immediately and decided to call in a favor he'd been told about. Original Than reached out to the Freedom Society, whom he was told owed the Mad Titan, and had them help themfight several gods . Ending in his own downfall, original Than was trapped in the Astral Plane searching for his two Gems. After a long search and a bleed into his mind of memories from several potential hypertimelines, original Than began to remember an attempt on his life from a future version of Iron Maiden and knew that he had to stop her before she could kill him and create an entirely new timeline.  

Than the Godslayer

Out of the Astral Plane, Than returned deep into the past, in and around 20,000 BCE and began building his Dark Order. Returning slowly to the future the Godslayer, believing he'd killed the gods of Kèthîra in the further future, let them rest in the past. After killing Iron Maiden in combat thus securing time, Than used his Time Gem to stabilize time and set his sights forward. With the Godslayer Gauntlet in hand, the Godslayer himself was determined to find more Gems and kill more gods, he once again returned to his epic quest in the year 1,065 CE with his sights set on Uxas of the New Gods of Apokalips.
Year of Birth
17312411021 BCE 17312412086 Years old
Biological Sex
Skin Tone
1080 lbs
Aligned Organization

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