Episode 04 | Street Art

The Heroes of Vantam have completed their mission to rescue Dornelle Gauge who now rests in the The Sanctuary as Belson Freeladle plans the crew's next job. Grace Holiday still has questions about her brother's disappearance, and turns to the documents recovered from the Postmortal Services Laboratory, some of which bear the name of the ship that took him on his final voyage.

Meanwhile, Zkah visits her former employer at the city's grand arena, a meeting that reveals that beneath her rough exterior lies a burning desire to gain the approval of the man and the barbarian tribe she has never known, but serves in the city.

Odilie Gambuck gets a letter from Seven Towers University, and J.W. Quindyn learns of a new opportunity at The Sacred Worshop, a prominent temple to Yamin'Ka experiencing trouble with vandals.

The heroes set out to see if there is work to be had at the Temple, and find that it is being mobbed by the sick and injured who are angry that the priests have shut the sacred site down. A salacious illusion has been plastered across building's facade, and the angry priests have closed the temple to all services. This is a terrible blow to the community who are still reeling from the Seven Towers explosion.

The priest, Kalaver Tomas, offers the heroes a reward if they will track down the suspected vandal, Kettle Black and convince her to remove the offending image. She is a prominent activist and artist living in Underforge, a dwarf community living beneath The Bellows.

The Heroes track down Kettle Black but on the way are attacked by eldritch creatures feeding on the chaotic magic that surges in the wake of the recent explosion. Once they fend off their attackers and track down Kettle Black, they find that she is not exactly eager to help, but with some clever talk they convince her it is in the city's best interest if she remove her offending illusions so that the priests will open the temple.

With Kettle Black in tow, the heroes return to the Sacred Workshop, but they find that all is not well. As they track Foreman Tomas to the infirmary, they find him lying in a pool of his own blood, being devoured by a horrible creature with flowing skin, and a ravenous appetite.


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