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Bound Series
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Pack Spy

Secretly posing as an Omega within their home pack, a Pack Spy is discrete, hidden amongst the shadows and never drawing attention to themselves. This is exactly who an Alpha needs to take charge on gathering intel and poisoning dukes in their sleep. The Alpha knows that his Pack Spies are loyal to only him, save for times the Luna/r takes command. This pack rank is not for those who have pups or expecting pups.  
The room had been quiet for some time, neither choosing to speak. Kěith was already fed up with Mason peer pressuring him to forgive Jack, but after what that lying dog - no, Alpha Heir - did, Kěith wasn't sure he wanted to forigve Jack for a good while. Let the Alpha Heir stew in his own mess.   Kěith's gaze drifted to the large window panes and the balcony. He shivered. Even though the cold didn't bother him, the idea of betrayal rested heavily upon his mind. He knew by the look in Alpha Tyler's eyes that revenge was only a ticking bomb just waiting to go off. If Alpha Tyler had any say, he would be finished off soon.
Blood Bound, book 2 of the Bound Series snippet


The Alpha is the only member eligable to choose his spies and assassins. At any given time, the Alpha can request new recruits meet up with him one-on-one to see if they have what it takes to become a pack spy. The Alpha keeps it a secret on who he's met with and Alpha Orders them to keep their mouth shut about the meeting.  
Each pack spy must have received training for a Warrior, while also showing expert-level strength. While Warrior abilities are important, a pack spy must also exceed with tracking and stealth of a Hunter. Having well-toned form reveals health and the possibility of strength and agility. Of course, it should also be said that having no children nor a mate, and keeping away from family increases chances of being chosen by the Alpha to join.  
Gathering intel, whether from the empire, others pack, or other nations in the Retribution Alliance is one of the first things a pack spy learns to do. Other tasks include tracking down threats and gather intel on them, and assassinating deadly threats.  
All pack spies must make sure that there are no loose threads after completing a task. If there are any, they are to take them out, by any means necessary. As for informants, a pack spy has to go to great lengths to keep their informants in line. Any informant that runs the risk of betrayal is to be treated as a loose thread.  
Kěith tasted liquid metal on his tongue. He spat, red droplets splattering across the floor. Glancing up, the visage of two white wolves snarled at him. On the balcony stood two people, one holding a dagger soaked in blood. The one holding dagger had the right sleeve of their tunic ripped, showing a light gray shield crested with a white wolf in front of what appeared to be sides of a mountain.  

Kěith Cheonsa: Assassins. Why did Jack leave me in such peril? Couldn't that Alpha have stuck around and Mason go scavenging for food?

  His eyes shifted to a hazy figure to his left. Kěith wiped at his eyes, red smearing the back of his hand.  

Kěith Cheonsa: "Shit! Mason, we have to go!"

  Mason swatted his hand at Kěith.  

Mason Lux: "No, you're the one who has to go! They're after you! I'm sure you'll find Jack if you just-"


Kěith Cheonsa: "Mas, you know what'll happen to me. I'm dead unless Jack shows up in the next second!"

Blood Bound, book 2 of the Bound Series snippet

Table of Contents

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Assassins / Spies
Quick Facts
Nobility, Non-hereditary
Source of Authority:
Length of Term:
Until they retire or die in battle
Reports Directly To:
Spies Per Pack:
Related Organizations:
The Pack they Hail From
Pack spies must, under no circumstance, be 25 years or older to join. If they are underage, the Alpha will keep a mental note of them for when they reach twenty-five and one slot is available for them to rise to the rank. They must also NOT want children, have NO mate, and must be willing to detach from their family for their safety.   Gender does not matter in this case, as females and any males able to birth will be taken to see the Pack Doctor and take a medical pill to sterlize them and give them hormone treatments to prevent their heats.   And lastly, a pack spy must recite an oath to join and ensure that they will not betray their Alpha or pack...  
"I swear upon the Sun and Moon Goddess to remain loyal to my pack, to never falter from my mission, and to obey every command of my one and only Alpha {Alpha Name Here}."
The life of a pack spy is never easy, so they are paid wealthy amounts. The harder the mission, the sweeter the riches. Nobody knows who the pack spies are - except for the Alpha - hence their fake rank when not in active duty. Below are the average payments per mission tier.  
Job Difficulty Payment Upon Completion
Royal / Noble Assassinations
(i.e. Alphas, Heirs, Emperors, Dukes, etc.)
S-class 4,000,000
Lava Crowns
Infiltrate royal home, Alpha cabin, etc. and gather intel A-class 1,000,000
Lava Crowns
Infiltrate noble house, beta home, etc. and gather intel B-class 100,000
Lava Crowns
Infiltrate city and gather intel
(i.e. pack, empire, etc.)
C-class 50,000
Lava Crowns
Location Tracking D-class 20,000
Lava Crowns

Accoutrements & Equipment

Each pack spy has a different build, yet a similiar clothing style. Any type of dark clothing that is form-fitting but flexible is reasonable for a pack spy. On top of that, they wear stealthy, light armor that doesn't clink with movement.   Straped to the body or in tiny, hidden pouches are small weapons, like daggers, small explosives, poisons, darts, and a few tracking crystals.  

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Not many pack spies get fired from their jobs, but treason would be the highest form, which results in immediate execution. Insubordination is the second highest reason to be fired, with failure to complete multiple missions and having to call in backup to help out.   However, if a pack spy is to become disabled, such as a loss of limb or sight, they receive a good pension and retire without having the need to work ever again after risking life and limb for the pack.   Natural reitrement only occurs due to old age. While some move on to become an Elder, others retain their "fake" Omega rank and continue to blend in. Occasionally, the Alpha still shows signs of respect toward them, confusing other pack members.

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