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Tempasera, Goddess of Time

  "There are mortals. There are gods. And there is Time. Time will outlast all."
— from the sermons of Kali Kala, high priestess of Tempasera

One of the divine archons, Tempasera is the Goddess of Time and a member of the Circle of Ímlæs. She governs the ninth month of the year, Kesum, when the aging moon is prominent.

Perhaps one of the most mysterious gods, Tempasera appeared from the Void as the Seven Dreams finished the creation of the world. A great clash between Malorel and Chaos as the gods tried to imprison it left bubbles of power floating in the Void. Several of these collided with each other, forming new entities. Tempasera was the first of these entities, and her arrival triggered the beginning of time.

Tenets of Faith

Holy Books & Artifacts

Though not considered a "holy book", the sermons of Kali Kala, Tempasera's most renowned high priestess, have been collected into a tome called The Nature of Time which many of Tempasera's followers refer to for insight and guidance.   The Nature of Time also makes reference to an item called the Eternal Hourglass. Though it is theorized that this artifact is the device by which the goddess keeps time, it is also believed by many that the Hourglass actually exists somewhere on Dálnaes, and whoever finds it will gain control of Time itself.

Holidays & Festivals


Florian, the Green Lord


Towards Tempasera, Goddess of Time

Tempasera, Goddess of Time


Towards Florian, the Green Lord

Alternate Names

Tempresa (Thali) Tempera (Glyfen) Tûmpra (Kilgrothian)



Symbols & Signs

An ever-turning hourglass or, more recently, a timepiece.

Divine Relations

Father: none

Mother: none

Spouse/Romantic Interest:

Children: Divina, Goddess of Foresight, Sor, the Fateweaver, The Four Seasons

Siblings: none




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