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Malorel, God of Dreams and Life

"Before all, there was nothing, nothing but the Dreamer."
— from The Creation

Malorel is the progenitor of all divines and the undisputed lord of the gods. Before time, he was formless, locked in an eternal struggle with the anti-thesis, which came to be called Chaos. Creation began when Malorel dreamed the first seven gods into being, who then helped him create the three Realms of Existence and gave birth to more gods. With their aid, he imprisoned Chaos within its own Realm, though part of its essence leeched into the newly-created world, allowing mortal life to be born.

No one knows what Malorel truly looks like, as he is the one god that does not travel to the Mortal Realm. Instead, he appears in various forms in mortal dreams. In art and literature, he is often depicted as a faceless man shrouded in a heavy robe with a deep hood that hides his face.


Malorel urges all mortals to cherish life's cycle and to respect the dreams of all mortals. He encourages all living creatures to make their life their own, for each creation belongs to themselves. He condemns those who would try to control life's cycle or the dreams of his other creations.

Holy Books & Artifacts

Holidays & Festivals


Malorel, God of Dreams and Life


Towards Ritanya, Lady of Light

Ritanya, Lady of Light


Towards Malorel, God of Dreams and Life

Alternate Names

Malorek (Thali)

Malor (Glyfen)


Dreams, Life

Symbols & Signs

A black robed figure touching its head

Divine Relations

Father: none

Mother: none

Spouse/Romantic Interest: none; though he has many children, Malorel does not love as mortals understand it, and so does not romantically commit himself to any other god


Siblings: none

Other: The Seven Dreams, Chaos

Divine Classification
Major God, Circle


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