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While the Quintesson's were farming insecticons to feed their Turbo-Fox pets some of the insecticons were found to create a unique filament to use as self-protection and entrapment of prey. These insecticon sub-species were isolated and experimentation was begun.   Currently being farmed to weave cloaks to attempt to help Cybertronian Freedom's clandestine operations.   Cyber-weave also is created by the Mutticon species a grazing herd animal but their eating habits make them currently unsuitable to be farmed covertly.


Material Characteristics

Cyber-weave in an unworked state is off-white strands of slightly sticky to the touch nano-filaments that if energon is applied to them they will begin to allow the light behind them to pass through it, blending the material into their surface effectively hiding it.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Insecticon sourced Cyber-weave is extremely sticky and strong.   Mutticon sourced Cyber-weave tends to be four times as durable as the insecticon version yet have none of its stealth capabilities. Making it suitable for armor applications if it could be farmed.   A Type W Solider solider can break a unworked strands easily. But a woven strand a finger thick requires blades or cutting lasers to sever.


Energon & Cyber-mater, and an unidentified chemical generated within the insecticon.

Geology & Geography

The wild insecticons that generate the Cyber-weave are only found among the limbs of the Energizer Machine in the Northern Fields.

Life & Expiration

In the wild Cyber-weave breaks down within a solar-cycle of being placed if it isn't given a constant source of energy. Worked it breaks down at four times the rate and needs almost no energy comparatively to keep its stability. Taking in ambient energy from a wearer.



Harvested Cyber-weave is stored in containers that function similar to batteries with two poles making energy flow through the strands to keep them fresh. One it is woven into cloth for a simple energy cell is fitting onto the cloth to keep it steady.
Rare at the moment.


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