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"The unassuming Turbo-Fox a cute yes but dumb animal considering its size. But they have become invaluable to the village," a bot says as he lectures newer freed bots, "The creature emits no vocalizations and is, in fact, incapable due to lack of the proper speaker organs. It preys only on pest species and will not steal your refined Energon┬án. Most importantly if you hand feed one for two days it hones to you and if you get lost or hurt the Cybertronian Freedom tracker core can use it to retrieve you hopefully before you go offline."   The figure waves his hand, "We'll be heading into the pens soon. Our tracker teams have captured enough of the bug biters for each of you. Treat them well. They'll save you life someday."

Basic Information


Its snout is about six inches long and filled with backward curved teeth, forward-facing eyes and two small ears. A series of spikey bits protrude behind the head but seem to serve no purpose. Body plan seems to be a torso of between 35 to 60 inches long. It has four digitigrade legs ending in a three-clawed foot that typically keep the body two feet from the ground. A long tail that ends in a flared trio of prongs that point behind them.

Genetics and Reproduction

It is unknown how Turbo-Foxes are created or born at this time.

Growth Rate & Stages

It is assumed they are born/created as fully mature animals as there have been no sightings of smaller specimens or any born to domesticated ones.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The foxes subsist entirely on a diet of small insecticons. While their systems can process energon just like any other Cybertronian even domesticated ones will not willing to the point of death consume any other form of sustenance.

Additional Information


Domesticating the Turbo-Foxes was started when a scientist type freed bot had captured some insecticons for study. A tenacious fox kept breaking in and eating them. The scientist trapped the fox and offered it insecticons and then through tests found while their active intellect was rather dim, their resourcefulness was high and would identify quickly to expect food rewards for activities.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The fox's homing abilities are used to be homing pigeons or a tracker as if they are fed by hand they track their feeder instead of the place they live.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Binocular vision and a heightened sense of hearing and smell serve the Turbo-Fox well in hunting down its prey of burrowing Insecticons. Unique to the foxes is their ability to travel vast distances and find their way home.
Scientific Name
Cybertronic Vulponic


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