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It has long been believed that City Elves were formed from the concrete and neon, and the plants that grow between; creatures of man-made magic just as other Fae were created from the Earth. As such, they have always had a deep connection with human technology and culture.   For decades – centuries even – the Civin lived among us, finding ways of honing their magic subtly or through scientific means. Thus, Magic-Tech was born.]   Though the possibility of combining magic and technology is impossible to trace, most believe it grew of necessity -- poor Civin experimenting with the technology they could afford, to find ways of making them more widely functional for their day-to-day lives. The earliest mention of Magic-Tech by name can be traced to the late twentieth century when City Elves began wearing their technology as accessories, easily concealed in the bright neon and luminescent aesthetic of the eighties.


Magic-Tech began as small enhancements to fashion accessories, or subtle upgrades to already existing technology. Post-Uprising the inventions were far more open (though still held some subtlelty and fashion picked up from all those years). Soon technology was being developed that would directly root into peoples’ skin, either as a body modification or for a specific purpose. Medical technology began to emerge, and magic-run modes of transport. These days Magic-Tech can be found in all wakes of life, and is a firm staple of City Elf society.


The process of creating Magic-Technology varies depending on the use and complexity of the item. Things with more complex uses, such as medical Magic-Tech, will have to be manufactured from scratch around an already-existing enchantment, but those more cosmetic or basic items can be enchanted from already-existing items. In both cases, a Thaumaturgist or fae will be required to harness and focus the magic required.

Social Impact

Since The Uprising, Magic-Technology has completely changed many walks of life. Especially in those areas which forged alliances with the fae, it is normal to see the average person travelling with the use of magic transport or adorned with some form of magic-tech accessory. Most elves have some access to magic-technology, though it is by far the most widespread within City Elf culture. As such, most City Elves have some form of magic-technology that they use in everyday life: enhanced fashion and personal transport being the most common. Elsewhere it is seen as more of an aesthetic, as Qealin prefer pure magic use and both Thin and Dhamin have more limited access to the technology required.   Perhaps most notably is the impact magic-tech has had on the medical world. With the aid of magic, inventions have been crafted to create aids for all manner of disabilities from physical attachments that ease the symptoms of athsma to cybernetic limbs that function far smoother than what was previously available to the public. Some (especially humans) still choose not to utilise these inventions, however, as many of them require the device to root into the skin and interface with the body directly and many are uncertain of the side-effects of such a thing -- though no notable drawbacks have been observed so far.
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One of the first Alliance advertising campaigns to raise awareness and acceptance of Magic Tech
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Early-mid 20th century
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This is a very well-compiled article! Not only is it well written, but you've done a stellar job at weaving in so many other elements and references to the rest of your setting — I couldn't help but peek into the tooltip of all the little articles along the way, and from this article alone I feel like I understand so much about your setting, and want to know so much more!

Are there any materials used uniquely for Magic-Tech? We're close to so many material shortages in our own world that I imagine any widespread technology is bound to run into similar issues in any offshoot of it. Not sure if it's the focus of the setting, but seeing what conflict materials arise — or how they prevent that from happening — could be really interesting!

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As a heads up, you have a floating bracket at the end of paragraph 2! Feel free to nuke this comment.

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