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Please forgive the mess while Culinarypunk undergoes an art update and article refresh!
Batten down the hatches, it's time to prepare for WorldEmber!
December is always an odd month for me. I only have a little over 2 weeks to complete whatever projects I'm working on before I head up to New York for the holidays with my family. It makes completing WorldEmber a bit challenging, but I'm always down for a challenge!  
This year I'll be trying to write 25,000 words across 3 of my worlds. I was considering setting my wordcount goal a little higher, but I don't want to stress myself and need to continue work on Quests & Quarrels.   Quests & Quarrels, my TTRPG system, is getting closer to completion! If you're a member of the playtesting group, you've seen the skill trees starting to form and the wild character creation has begun. Want to play a street fighting divine healer or a chaos magic user who chucks your enemies as your thrown weapon? Soon you can with Q2!
Reverium is currently on the backburner. I love my piezoelectric dwarves making music with crystal powered instruments, but I need to focus on other things at the moment in order to get Quests & Quarrels completed.
NO BURNOUT ALLOWED! Mini goals every 5k. If I don't hit my goals, it'll still be a kickass WorldEmber!

HW 1: Focus Points

Focus: Recently Revived
Goal: 5k
During Spooktober I started an article about the Recently Revived, but it needs so much more love. I want this to be one of the major articles in Beckettville, so I'll be building out this article significantly and creating any related articles to fill out information on these poor beings.  

Focus: Dimi Challenge
Goal: 10k
For Summercamp, I was given a challenge from Dimi to better fill out the categories in CuPu. Summercamp ended up being an incredibly difficult time for me and I wasn't able to complete most of my goals for that month, so I'm revisiting those goals this month!   I'll be focusing on main sections of the Gazetteer, as well as adding in tons of fun armor, conditions, vehicles, weapons, and other bits and pieces from around Culinaria.  

Focus: World Basics
Goal: 10k
Eldrispace is a brand new setting with very little information about the way it works. It's huge and often feels like I'm in over my head, but it's exciting at the same time. I'll be putting out articles about the basic concepts in Eldrispace (currency, language, tech) to lay more foundation for the universe as well as throwing in a couple species and character articles here and there.

HW 2: Mini Metas

Genre: Corporate Cosmic Horror   Themes: Dystopia, corporate control, loss of identity, reality manipulation, spiritual corruption   Scope: Tight focus on Recently Revived.   Goal: Beef up the Recently Revived article, as well as adding supplementary articles on the Devotional Age and Revision Conditioning.   Inspiration:
Coming To Beckettville

Recently RevivedOne of the major citizen types.
Devotional AgeA citizen's most sacred time serving the city of Beckettville.
Revision ConditioningA process most citizens will go through. Can result in Recently Revived.

Genre: Fork and Saucery   Themes: Whimsy, community, celebration, exploration, discovery, artistry, creativity, humor   Scope: The continent of Culinaria.   Goal: A collection of fun items, collectibles, and lore to add into your Culinaria adventures, plus some locations your party can explore.   Inspiration:
Coming To Culinarypunk

The Salt RoutesImportant trade routes that move spices across Culinaria.
Gravy Boat of HoldingA small container that stores an endless amount of liquid.
The Souperior SuitA suit that can produce a variety of soups to heal the wearer.
The Doughnut DiscusA throwing weapon shaped like a giant donut that delivers force damage.
Pie Plate PauldronsShoulder armor known for their durability, passed down through families.

Genre: Cosmic Horror Space Opera   Themes: Existential dread, forbidden knowledge, isolation, paranoia, survival, sacrifice   Scope: The Inner Rings and Settled Planets   Goal: Expand on the core concepts of Eldrispace and flesh out all the major overarching pieces of the setting.   Inspiration: Animated Gore Warning
Coming To Eldrispace

Skinporium StoriesComing Soon, the Skinporium and it's collection of short stories.
Eldrispace TimelineA clear timeline of major events from the creation event to the current setting.
CreditsInterconnecting metal rings that contain encrypted currency.
Astral CodexAn ancient, leather-bound tome filled with cryptic symbols and forbidden knowledge.
Quantum Weave VestmentsRobes woven from quantum threads, providing enhanced speed and agility.


HW 3: Homepage Touchup

One of the first things I do with a new world is create the homepage and make a reading flow for how I assume people will want to interact with the world. This almost always changes a few months into the project and requires a major overhaul of the homepage, but it was nice going in to give them a once over before WorldEmber.  


Beckettville remains visibly untouched for now, but I have new tag systems being put in place that will change Beckettville navigation in the new year.


Culinarypunk did get a few new things on the homepage. Now that the TTRPG is getting closer, I’ve made it easier for readers to access the most important information depending on their situation.
Check out the new tag system in progress!
Screenshot 2023-11-18 112719.png


Eldrispace is the baby of the bunch and hasn’t been around long enough for an overhaul, but I have a feeling after WorldEmber it will be getting some sort of touch up. For now, it serves its purpose until more content is put into the world. I'll still be working on organizing the back end to work in a similar way to Culinarypunk.

HW 4: Last Minute Prep

I’ve been working on a bit of last-minute prep for the last week already and I’m more than happy to continue poking along with my prep. I’ve finally decided on a cover style for Culinarypunk that I really like and works well in multiple situations, you can check them out on my Tag References or Alphabetical Index.  
My Support
The We Aren’t Dead Yet team has been hard at work in the background after releasing our first short story anthology, Macabre and Monstrous! I’m so grateful for Sapha and Dazz, who not only put up with my shenanigans but keep me creatively engaged and are constantly supporting me and pushing me to keep writing. Between the WADY team, my gaming friends, and my husband, I have a pretty hardcore group of people who keep me going. That’s not even mentioning all the amazing people who follow my worlds and the WorldAnvil community overall! I would love to join a chapter in the new year, but haven't had a chance to look into the options that have room yet. If you're in a chapter or run a chapter looking to take in a new wyrd worldbuilder/writer, hit me up!
My Space
I have an office in my home where I spend my entire day, which means it gets a bit messy. I’ve been meaning to do a little redesign here but I don’t have the time before the holidays. Instead, I’ll be doing a basic cleanup and moving a few things around before I leave, then redecorating when I get back. I have a new bookshelf coming when I get back and I plan to move my horror stuff into there to create a really neat setup for writing. I also have a new tapestry and some new wall art I’ll be putting up in the new year.
My Time
As for a writing schedule, I’ve cleared out my schedule completely for the first few weeks of December. Rest, recover, and write. I’ve definitely been feeling the sting of burnout the last few weeks and it’s felt like the slowest crawl to December but we’re almost there! Due to entering WorldEmber with a light tinge of burnout already, I’m taking it easy this year. I have a secret list of articles I plan to write and I already have more on there than I could get to this month hahah.
My Fuel
Much like a chubby Potatoad, I am incredibly food motivated. You can get me to do almost anything as long as you promise we’ll get a snack on the way home hahahah. I am an absolute treat fiend and have made sure there are plenty of Reeses, chicken nuggets, and coffee in the house to sustain me. I swear I'm not 3 goblins in a trenchcoat.

Relaxation in the Time of Embers

Video Games
My current rotation is Baldurs Gate 3 (Currently on my second Durge run!), Starfield, and Planet Zoo.
I’m still working my way through the end of House of Leaves, then I have S. by JJ Abrams to get into.
Hubs Time
My husband and I love Legos and 3D wooden puzzles and we have so many to get through!
Secret Side Project
I've been batting around an idea for a few weeks. Well, it’s really been all year but I wasn’t sure which setting I would place the project in. After settling on how to separate out my more mature content, I’ve decided it’ll take place in Culinaria. So, you can expect some hints at this project during WorldEmber. Your first hint: Eggplant Explorers  

Whoa! Culinarypunk is rapidly approaching 100 followers – WHAT?! I’m constantly blown away by all the amazing Culinarians sprouting up in support of this silly world. I want to do something special for the milestone and have a few ideas in mind, but I want to hear from you.  
Is there something you really want to know about the world of Culinaria?
A silly NPC idea you want to plant in the lore?
A kingdom you want more of a focus on in 2024?
  2024 is going to be a big year for Culinarypunk and I want to kick it off with what Culinarians want most!
You can leave your ideas on this article or in the new discussion thread below!


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Nov 4, 2023 20:28

25k words are quite the challenge for nearly two weeks time. I root for you, but don't burn out, we need you! :)

You wanna see what we did for the last events? Go, click here: Eddies Major Events
Nov 4, 2023 20:40 by Emily Armstrong

Hahah no burning out allowed!! If I don't reach my 25k, it's noooo sweat for me. I try not to put a failure condition on events like WorldEmber and Summercamp, any progress with worldbuilding is worth celebrating! This year it's more about having fun than reaching that wordcount, especially in Culinarypunk. Making myself and others giggle has been the biggest joy this year and I want to make sure I end the year on a high note :D <3

Check out my worlds of Beckettville and Culinarypunk!
Nov 4, 2023 20:37

Whoah that's a massive goal, but you can do it! I love how you've set separate word goals for each project! Best of luck ^^

What do you want to discover in Computer Adventures?
Nov 4, 2023 20:47 by Emily Armstrong

Thank youu! I'm not sure I'll hit that goal, but I'm gunna go for it! And if I don't hit it, pshhh it's fiiiine! I was able to pull it off last year but I didn't have much fun because I took it so seriously. This is the WorldEmber for silly goofs and spooky sci fi!

Check out my worlds of Beckettville and Culinarypunk!
Nov 5, 2023 12:19

Good good! As long as we have fun, that's the most important part. ^^ I'm already looking forward to all the silly goofs and more delicious CuPu puns x3

What do you want to discover in Computer Adventures?
Nov 4, 2023 21:22

Oh Emily, that's what I call an announcement. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, you can do it and I'm really looking forward to your great articles.

Stay imaginative and discover Blue´s Worlds, Elaqitan and Naharin.
Nov 5, 2023 00:22 by Emily Armstrong

Thanks!! Keeping my fingers crossed too hahahah. I've been seeing the positivity from everyone already and it's gotten me so hyped for all the fantastic worldbuilding from the community this WorldEmber! I'm just excited to participate again this year :D

Check out my worlds of Beckettville and Culinarypunk!
Nov 4, 2023 22:41 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Good luck, I'm so looking forward to reading more stuff about you! :) Just followed Eldrispace too! :)

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Nov 5, 2023 00:24 by Emily Armstrong

Thank you, you too! I hope to give you some great giggles this WorldEmber hahahah. And thanks! I hope you enjoy!!

Check out my worlds of Beckettville and Culinarypunk!
Nov 4, 2023 23:13 by E. Christopher Clark

Woo! No burning out, but yeah, I think you got this.

Check out my progress on the Cabinet of Curiosities
Nov 5, 2023 00:26 by Emily Armstrong

You got this, too!! No stressin' allowed this winter hahah. (I'm still thinking about how cool your comic isss, congrats again on that!)

Check out my worlds of Beckettville and Culinarypunk!
Nov 5, 2023 14:38 by Elspeth

Quests and Quarrels sounds amazing and I'm so impressed that you're making your own TTRPG! Have a great WorldEmber. :)

Nov 5, 2023 15:12 by Emily Armstrong

Thank you!! I'm hoping people enjoy it as much as I am hahaha! You too, may the words be ever in your favor!

Check out my worlds of Beckettville and Culinarypunk!
Nov 10, 2023 17:53 by Nimin N

Will be a delight to see what you cook and serve us for WorldEmber!   Rooting for you to reach your pledge goal, but also glad to read in other comments you're saying no to burnout. :)

Nov 10, 2023 20:58 by Emily Armstrong

Aahahahaha thanks! I'm brewin' up as many goodies as I can for WorldEmber <3

Check out my worlds of Beckettville and Culinarypunk!
Nov 28, 2023 18:52 by TJ Trewin

Food is the best motivation xD good luck on your quest for 25k! You've got this :D   Have you got any planned rewards for yourself when you reach your goal?

Journals of Yesteryear
You're invited to explore my new world!
Nov 29, 2023 05:15 by Emily Armstrong

Right?! Promise me a chocolate chip brownie and I can move mountains xD And thank you! Good luck to you, too!   My rewards at each 5k are extra hours of guilt-free game time! After WorldEmber I'm treating myself to a professional shoulder/neck massage, but if I hit the 25k I'm gunna splurge on the higher package massage xD That way I'm not denying myself the helpful self-care reward, but I can still earn an extra cherry on top for hitting my goal :D How about yourself?

Check out my worlds of Beckettville and Culinarypunk!
Nov 29, 2023 12:57 by TJ Trewin

It's probably going to be icecream (in moderation) for me xD and for small rewards, just some nice chill time on my friend's Minecraft server :D

Journals of Yesteryear
You're invited to explore my new world!
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