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Nothing again....   I look up at my ceiling still tired and with no vision to consider. Nothing to guide me through this. Why has the Cynosure done this? What are we to do without guidance.    The Guidance Center was empty and the Guides try to keep the faith, but is there any left. The Kyren has Verdant and is dying. If the Cynosure can't protect her, than how can we be expected to survive without him.   A test? Is this what this is? Keep the faith even in tough times? I don't know if I can.   I just don't know...  
~Journal of Candal Yinth
Beacon of Tears

The Maze War

The war in Paradise and in the Mining Stratum began the chaos. The undead in The Wilds struck first, but they were only the first wave. The Diamond Maze let loose their own army of Demons and creatures unknown to attack. Paradise lost their Kyren to a great flying beast.

The Quakes

Quakes shook the city. Almost every Stratum experienced it and most took severe damage. Paradise was the epicenter and took the brunt of it. Some of the ice mountains cracked and collapsed from the power of the quakes.    Other Stratum had severe damage to the pipes and flooding quickly became a problem. Luckily the the Pipers were fast and prevented many deaths, but not all. Several hundred are reported to have died in floods across the city.   

The Verdant

The Lightborn made a his final evil act and inflicted the Verdant Infection upon the whole city. First, he infected the Giants wounded in the Maze War, which are normally very resistant to it.  Even after his capture, he wasn't done. He had corrupted medicine and distributed it all around the city. Mainly to the Beacons and the farms. Outbreaks happened on every Stratum and Thousands were killed and infected. It even took down 3 Kyren.  

The Vanishing Maze

The Diamond Maze just vanished. This is the most baffling event of this period. There was a massive quake and the entire maze was just gone. Replaced by a solid wall of darkness. Although the general public doesn't know the reason, there are a few who do.    The Cynosure was inside of that maze and vanished with it. This has left an emptiness in hearts of the people. With the Great Guide gone, dreams and visions are gone. Faith and guidance are gone. People are lost.


Consequences of Loss

  • People aren't dreaming. They aren't getting visions. They are losing faith.
  • People struggle to sleep and are becoming tired and exhausted. Work ethic is degrading.
  • The children can longer be blessed and can not see in the dark. People are being forced to use light.
  • With the Maze gone, the Blood Hunter Camp is struggling to find their identity. People are even more distrustful of them than before. 
  • The quakes have caused massive damage and loss of life. Many are still missing as they dig through the rubble.
  • The Verdant Infection spreads across the city killing thousands.

Metaphysical, Divine

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