"All board, have you got your pass?"
— Train Conductor

When the first train was built, Goltheris gained the ability to quickly move across their territory.


During the The Great War, the trains were used to transport [name needed] and the war mages from far edges of Goltheris to The Contested Lands. As of the current time, only the The Five Cities and The Kingdom of Tormyra have allowed Goltherine train-builders into their borders to construct new trains and lay tracks down.


The trains are used to transport people and goods around Goltheris, with some tracks being laid in the border towns of Tormyra as part of the Tormian-Goltherine Treaty terms.


Trains appear to be manufactured with metal and wood, depending on the parts, and depending on what those parts are used. The trains run with two metal tracks for the metal wheels to run on.
Steam-powered trains tend to have more metal parts than the more magically-powered trains, though passenger carts on both sets tend to be made from wood more than metal.


The Goltherine Railway maintains the railways as per the terms of Tormian-Goltherine Treaty, though the Railway is more inclined towards building new track to connect existing tracks.
The Goltherine Council has kept the origins of the Goltherine trains under wraps, claiming the secret was kept for national security. Local legends claim the original train-builder, or the designer of the trains, had been burned out of their laboratory or their home by someone Goltheris was at war with.
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Claudius is a possible inventor
Access & Availability
Goltheris uses it, and have been secretive as to how they build them, despite the efforts of Five Cities, and while The Kingdom of Tormyra has allowed for trains to be built, the Goltherine government has only allowed for Goltherine Artificers to lay the tracks or build the trains.
Clockwork-like technology that appeared to run off steam. Most trains can travel hundreds of miles in a day, while the ones powered through more magical means can travel a hundred miles in an hour, or less.
Trains were built to transport things around the city initially by a pulley-like system, which evolved into a cart and pulley system using larger and larger systems until it became full-out steam for power and pulley systems for stabilizing the directions.

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I am not a train engineer, nor am I an engineer. Most of the technical details are being left blank for now as a result, sorry about that!

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