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Sometimes referred to as the Kaldr, these are hardy northern warriors with an affinity for axes

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Ursa, Elena, Anges, Asta, Astrid, Camilla, Charlotte, Cristel, Christin, Dagmar, Diana, Alexandra

Masculine names

Arthur, Urs, Adam, Aage, Adrian, Agnar, Ansgar, Anton, Baard, Bård, Bernhard, Benjamin, Bjoern, Brynjar, Alexander

Unisex names


Family names

Everyone only has one name and hometowns and regions (ex. of Frosthold , of West Plains) are used to distinguish people.   It's a little different for nobility; their royal house is used to denote staus.

Other names

A noun-verb descriptor (Blacklight, Wildbrand) is often used when hometowns and regions are to general, and it helps distinguish people with the same name from the same region


Culture and cultural heritage

Warriors with a strong sense of justice

Average technological level

Metalworking, agriculture

Common Dress code

Linen and wool tunics, trousers, leg wrappings, cloak, brooch, kirtle, bodice

Art & Architecture

Wattle and doub, stone and mortar

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Holmgang and trial by combat

Coming of Age Rites

Three Trials

Funerary and Memorial customs

The exceptionally heroic are given a floating funeral pyre.   When bodies are buried the honorable have their graves facing east towards the rising sun to their soul can ascend. The disloyal are buried facing the west so their soul can descend. Bodies never face the north or south because then the souls will haunt the area as ghosts.

Common Taboos

Affiliating with dragons


Beauty Ideals

Long, braided, hair for both men and women

Gender Ideals

Men are seen as warriors and women as protectors

Courtship Ideals

Betrothal daggers

Relationship Ideals

Spouses are expected to be loyal to each other

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